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Tales of Life  by Aelaer

Prompt 20: Comfort
Fic: Lazy Days
Rating: G
3020 TA, Minas Tirith

"Lazy old day
Rolling away
Dreaming the day away
Don't want to go
Now that I'm in the flow
Crazy amazing day"

It was a beautiful, warm spring day in Minas Tirith. As always, the city was bustling with activity, and today it was especially busy, for it was Market Day. However, up at the Citadel, the atmosphere was very calm and peaceful. The usually alert guards were feeling it, and for once in a long time they were not tense, but very relaxed. With the Shadow gone for but a year now, they were still not used to days like this. But, if anyone were to ask them, they certainly enjoyed it.

Resting comfortably within his private gardens was the king of this city, also enjoying this warm, lazy day. He was sitting down underneath one of the shady trees in the garden, opting for this relaxing place instead of the hard stone bench in the sun. If one were to see him, they would think him asleep, so relaxed he was.

For once, Aragorn's thoughts were not on the paperwork he had to complete, or the meetings he had to attend, but they were back in Rivendell, when he was still Estel. Often he would relax like this there; sometimes for hours upon hours on end. After he found that he was Aragorn, however, days like that became very limited and much-wished for.

Even now, with the fall of Sauron, he was still busy. The City had fallen into a great state of disrepair, and that was only a small portion of his work as the King of the Reunited Kingdoms. This was the first time in a very, very long time he could remember being so relaxed and, well, lazy.

He smiled to himself. Hopefully, after a few more years, he would be able to enjoy days like this more often.

Yes. That was a very relaxing thought.

Lyrics and title of ficlet are from Enya's "Lazy Days". Perfect for the prompt.

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