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From Wilderness to Cities White  by Larner

Written for the Tolkien Weekly "Perfect Gifts" gold, silver, and gems challenge.  For Baranduin for her birthday.

For Legolas

            Gimli stood for some time at his forge, considering what gold, silver, or gems he might work into a proper gift for Legolas for the Elf’s begetting day celebration.  He would be the Lord of those Elves who removed from Eryn Lasgalen to the new community being formed within Ithilien, after all.

            He looked down on the golden beech leaf that lay on his workbench, and knew what he would do.  “A circlet of leaves,” he said aloud.  “Much as his father wears, but with the beeches of Ithilien rather than the oak leaves of Eryn Lasgalen predominating.  With emeralds….”


Yes, I've been reminded that the beeches were the favorite trees of the Elves of Mirkwood, but please imagine they preferred oak leaves for the King's circlet!  Heh!

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