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Beneath Strange Stars  by Larner

For Curious Wombat, Nieriel Raina, Nimue 8, Ainu Laire,  Imhiriel, and Surgical Steel for their birthdays.  And for the birthday of the Master.

Builder of Worlds

            “Ronnie?  Are you reading under your covers again?  It is time to go to sleep, you know.”

            But Ronnie does not look up from the text illuminated by his torch, text that he is writing, not reading.  His mother, dear as she is to him, does not understand.

            The one single phrase he has read in New Testament Greek that he truly appreciates begins the book of John:  In the beginning was the Word.  How profound!  How true!  And his mind fills with words—atar, amillë, amdar, orc, gnome.  In the Kalevala the Wizard can utter words of power that can change reality, and songs can build worlds! 

            And he, too, has the power to build worlds!  First comes the Word, and then those who will use that Word—that word and others.  And their words are shaped by their lives, their lives and the worlds in which they live....

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