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B2MeM 2011: Haradhrim Nights  by Mirach

Day 19: Rivendell

Challenge: "Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven.” --Tryon Edwards.
Write a story or create a piece of artwork centred on meetings or reunions.

Meetings and Partings


A mixture of emotions was in Kadar’s face to those who knew how to look. To those who did not, his expression was maybe just a little less stoic than usual. Nadhir knew how to look… He saw the relief of a leader who didn’t have to lose a man again, but also a shade of guilt and worry… and surprise. He smiled weakly. “Good to see you again, sidi.”

Kadar jumped down from the horse, and all riders stopped. Nadhir noticed two of the men were sharing one horse. Now that he thought of it, Thorongil’s horse did seem familiar to him…

“What are we waiting for?” someone asked sharply, a voice like the hissing of a snake.

Kadar clenched his fists. “I am the leader of these men. If you don’t like it, ride alone!” he replied angrily, and paid no more attention to Nazim. He turned to Nadhir instead. “It’s good to see you alive…”

That was the guilt, Nadhir thought.  They did not look for him after the sandstorm. Instead, they followed the stranger – the one who saved his life. How strange the paths of fate were…  He smiled weakly.

“What about Faris?” Kadir asked. “Have you seen him in the storm?”

So Faris was missing also… Nadhir shook his head, understanding now the worry. “My horse stumbled and I fell. Then I haven’t seen anyone until…” he paused, and looked at Kadar. “…until the stranger found me.”

Kadar nodded slowly, looking at the track they have been following.

Nazim followed his look from under half-closed eyelids. “You know what you got paid for…” he muttered threateningly.

“Yes, I do…” Kadar replied darkly. “You,” he pointed at three of the men, “will ride with me. We miss two horses already, so the rest will share theirs and ride more slowly. Make sure Nadhir recovers, and…” he paused, “… maybe you will also find Faris.”

“What? Only four men?! “ Nazim was not content with the solution. “You already let him slip away once!”

Kadar ignored him and mounted his horse together with the three men he chose. Nazim followed them despite not being selected, but Kadar acted as if he wouldn’t see him.


He turned when Nadhir called at him.

Nadhir looked at him for some time, and then he spoke slowly: “His name is Thorongil…”

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