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Desiring the Downfall  by Larner

B2MEM Day 1.  Beauty:  "I love not the sword for..."

TTT, book 4:  The Window on the West, p. 289 Nook edition


A Queen amongst Equals

          An’Sohrabi, Farozi of Harad, looked at the captain of those soldiers just returned from the defeats that Mordor’s armies had suffered at the hands of the Army of the West.  The reports had come that a small troop of Gondorian soldiers had escorted these back from the battle before the Black Gate, while a second force had returned only shortly before from the battle fought before Minas Tirith itself.  None of the Műmakil that had accompanied the armies sent to the service of the Death Eater had survived to come back, and most of the fiercer commanders had been lost.

          “And what demands do the Lords of Gondor put upon Harad and its peoples?” he asked.

          “None!” came the surprising reply.  “Only we were made to take oath not to seek to cross the Poros again in arms against Gondor, its lands or peoples.  We were told that Gondor does not wish to rule Harad or any other land but its own.  One has now come who has claimed the Kingship of that land, and he told us that he claims rule there and further north in their ancient northern realm as well for he is descended from the ancient Kings of both those lands.  But he has no claims upon Harad, Far Harad, Umbar, Khand, Rhűn, Rohan, Dunland, or any other realm not their own.  He does not wish to rule us, but instead to see our lands stand beside his as allies and equals, each showing forth its own special gifts and beauties.  And his Steward has added that Gondor should be a Queen amongst her equals, not ruler and oppressor of all others.  They merely rejoice to see that Mordor no longer can rule any of us!”

          An’Sohrabi felt a keen elation within his breast.  Too long had they lain under Mordor’s shadow.  To stand again in the sunlight alongside other lands, even alongside Gondor, free to rule themselves at long last, sending no Men to other lords’ wars, was a dream for his land and people he’d never dared breathe aloud!


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