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At Tharbad's Greenway Spring Faire  by Dreamflower

B2MeM Challenge: From a prompt by samtyr: There is a modern-day archaeological discovery that ties in with Elves and proves they did exist (in the manner of finding King Tut or Richard III). Of course, there still a few elves still living... somewhere. They're just super-talented at not being noticed. Maybe Elladan and Elrohir chose to be elves but didn't want to leave. Perhaps Thranduil and some of the others didn't want to leave his/their home either. There's always a chance that Gildor and his people decided not to sail at the last minute. (Setting can be writer's choice but suggest using http:// lotr. wikia .com /wiki/Europe as a guide.) Format: Drabble set
Genre: Modern AU
Rating: G
Warnings: n/a
Characters: Revealed in the end notes, for those who don't guess.
Pairings: n/a
Creators' Notes (optional): This set of three drabbles is based on a single drabble, “Translator”, posted at great_tales, which in turn is taken from an incomplete and unposted crossover from 2012's B2MeM. It is also part of my “Eucatastrophe” AU, which I will explain more in the end notes.
Summary: Three drabbles—Three of the wise who have lived through the Ages are discomfitted by a recent discovery.

There is Nothing Lost, That May Not Be Found

Ron Elwin looked up from the file he had just downloaded. This was startling to say the least. If it was what he suspected, action had to be taken.

"Kelly!" Working from home had its advantages.

His wife came into his home office. "What is it, dear?"

For answer, he turned his laptop around, so she could see the file. "There's been a 'find' in Italy".

"But I thought that had been dealt with in the 50s." She skimmed the file, a concerned crease in her brow.

"We need to speak with your mother. Do you know where she is?"


"Tanis!" Dan called from the clinic's office. "Ron and Kelly are on Skype. They said they needed to speak with you. It sounded urgent."

Tanis Goldenwood nodded, excusing herself to the elderly patient, reassuring her in her native language. Tanis spent three months a year at her grandsons' clinic in Nigeria; they passed as cousins, since there was no discernible age difference.

She went into the office; Ellery was speaking with his parents; he offered his grandmother the chair. Then they all listened with alarm to what Ron had to say.

"We must get in touch with Pilgrim," she said.


Oliver Pilgrim sat in Lord Roderick's study. Roderick's chair was built to raise him up, so he would be at a height with his friend. The family traits ran true in him, as in all the eldest males of the Tucker-Hill family. They were enjoying their visit.

But just then his mobile rang. "Excuse me; it appears to be Tanis."

Her news was disturbing. He turned to his host. "Would you be up for a jaunt to Italy?"

Lord Roderick grinned in reply.

But Oliver frowned to himself. Was the time nearing to reveal that the Three had not faded?


Author's End Notes: As most of you may have guessed, Ron and Kelly Elwin are Elrond and Celebrian; Tanis Goldenwood is Galadriel; and Oliver Pilgrim is Gandalf. Dan and Ellery are Elladan and Elrohir. Lord Roderick Tucker-Hill is the grandson of the Roland Tucker-Hill from the drabble at great_tales and is clearly a direct descendant of certain hobbits.

This is set in the far future of my “Eucatastrophe” AU, in which the Three Rings did not fade, but instead were set free from the domination of the One to reach their full potential. Clearly the Bearers of the Three have taken good care of the Rings in their charge and have used them responsibly over the millenia. Another side-effect of the AU is that travel to and from Aman became two-way, though those who took advantage of it were few and far between. I have several stories set in this AU.

I had to leave out a lot I wanted to explain to keep this down to three drabbles! But I will be glad to answer any questions about it that won't spoil my WIP.

The title is a quote from Edmund Spenser's The Faery Queen

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