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A Song of Ice and Fire  by My blue rose

Chapter Three: Betrothal

…and after ten years the doom of disunion was spoken. And after three years more Finwë took as second spouse Indis the fair;” ~ Morgoth’s Ring: Laws and Customs of the Eldar

Year of the Trees 1182:

First Mingling was almost over, Telperion’s silver glow barely discernable over Laurelin’s golden blaze. The gardens that flanked the north side of Finwë’s Palace were nearly deserted, with most Noldor going about their business at this hour of the day. Finwë and Indis sat together on the marble bench, inhaling the scent of the lilac blossoms and the needles of the   yavannamírë and oiolairë trees. The sounds of birds mingled with the sounds of the City that circled the hill below. The distant clattering of carts and horses on paving stones sounded almost like music.

Finwë placed a hand on Indis’ shoulder. “Now that the Valar have given us permission, when do you wish to celebrate the wedding?”

Indis did not answer immediately, gazing at a black and blue swallowtail butterfly perched on one of the scarlet fruits of the yavannamírë tree.

 “I think we ought to wait,” she said, quietly.

Finwë turned to stare at her, surprise written on his face.

“Fëanáro still dislikes me,” she said, not looking at him.

“I fear I have over indulged him,” Finwë admitted with a sigh. “Yet I have not had the heart to deny him much when he already must bear the loss of his mother. Perhaps I shall speak with him again.”

Indis shook her head. “There is no need. I understand, truly. I might have done the same. Yet your son is now of an age to wed himself. You have said he intends to announce his betrothal to Nerdanel soon.  Fëanáro will be more amenable to our own marriage after he has been wed for several years.”

“You wish to wait so long?” Finwë sighed. “Now that my son is grown I have found the desire to bring forth more children has become stronger.”

 “Are we animals that cannot wait to couple?” she teased, laughing. “We need only wait three years, melda.”  

Finwë reached out to stroke his intended’s hair that was golden as the light from the Malinalda.

“If it is what you desire then we shall wait.” he said.

“It is not about what I desire,” Indis replied, placing a hand on his leg. “It is about what is best for your son.”

Finwë nodded. “Then for Fëanáro’s sake we shall wait.”


…First Mingling: a cannon term for the middle (6th) hour of a day of the Trees in which the light of both Laurelin and Telperion mingle.

Yavannamírë and oiolairë (Quenya): two of theFragrant Trees, which were native to Valinor and later giften by the Eldar to the Númenorians.

Fëanáro (Quenya): the Quenya form of the name Fëanor.

…only wait three years: these are years of the Trees which is about 29 solar years.

Melda (Quenya): ‘Beloved’.

Malinalda (Quenya): ‘Tree of Gold’. Another name for Laurelin.

Note: According to The Doom of Manwë, in order to dissolve Finwë’s marriage to Miriel he had to wait 10 Years of the Trees to ensure she did not changed her mind. Yet he did not wed Indis until 13 Tree years had passed. This is my idea as to why Finwë waited those 3 years. 


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