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My Drabbles from Tolkien Weekly  by Mirkwoodmaiden 3 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 16 on 5/7/2020
My kid is a recovering addict, and I remember the pain felt when we had to force him to face the consequences of his choices when he was high. Oh, yes, I understand Pippin's feelings here.

Author Reply: Most definitely. Happy to hear he is a recovering addict. Hard road. My Brother-in-law is as well.


demeter dReviewed Chapter: 16 on 5/3/2020
I have been home more this last month, slow at work, as have many of us.So I have been re-reading many older works as well as new posts. You have indeed done her characters perfect justice. I can not ever imagine our Pippin growing into a father whose children did not know he loved them, even in times of trouble!

Author Reply: Demeter d!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write! And thank you for your kind word about the drabbles. I really thought about what to write in these drabbles hoping that I could make the words sound true to Lindelea's characterisations, so yeah! :-))


LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 16 on 5/3/2020
Oh, those dreams where you feel like your shouting at the top of your voice, and it comes out as a whisper, or the person you're shouting at doesn't seem to be able to hear you! ...juxtaposed with the reality (and relief) of rescue at the end. Nicely done!

And the second, from the father's perspective... the deep love, in the face of terrible consequences for a young boy's careless actions. I don't think Farry ever doubted his parents' love, and even when he laid plans to run away, it was because he knew his parents loved him, and not the opposite.

Thanks so much for letting me see these scenes through your eyes.

((hugs)) Stay safe!

Author Reply: Lindelea!

Hello! So happy that you liked the drabbles I worried about doing your characterizations justice!

Stay safe ((hugs))


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