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Four of a Kind  by Grey Wonderer 98 Review(s)
elanor winterflowersReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/28/2007
I loved your grave little Frodo here, preparing with such care for his adventure! And Gandalf is very cool--I love the fact that while he plays along and even manipulates things a bit, he doesn't compromise the truth. His lessons are perfectly placed in the conversation and he has faith that Frodo is clever enough to learn them. The end is, as with all things Frodo, a little bittersweet, but very insightful, too. Nice!

Author Reply: That ending happened by accident. I had meant to keep this light-hearted but somehow I just couldn't resist the urge to show Primula worrying about her darling lad. She must have had a bit of that insight that Frodo developed don't you think? As to Gandalf, well, I adore Gandalf with the hobbits so I had fun writing that part of it all! Thank you for the kind words.

EdlynReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/28/2007
Oh, this was absolutely charming! I have the biggest smile on my face from reading it. I like all of these stories but this one is the best of the bunch in my opinion.



Author Reply: Thank you! I always enjoy writing Pippin and I am very glad you enjoyed reading this.

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/28/2007
I love you how 'bind' your tales together - makes them ever more fun to read.

Author Reply: Thank you. I like the stories to connect in some way when possible. I'm glad you enjoy that about them. Thank you so much for reading these.

elanor winterflowersReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/28/2007
What a lovely family! Little Sam is so sweetly earnest and the Gaffer is so openly in love with his kids. I really loved watching the interaction here. Great dialogue, as always, and the best in human nature on glowing display. I so enjoy your stories!

Author Reply: Thank you! Sam makes me nervous when I write him but I am getting braver about him lately. I'm very glad you enjoyed it. I am in awe of your writing talent and it always amazes me that you read my stuff! Thank you.

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/28/2007
Hooray! *claps wildly* - Delightful chapter. I love Sam's 'sense' and trying to do right for him family, but I love Gaffer's common sense - which we are all well aware of from the sayings Sam uses in their travels...

Excellent chapter.

Author Reply: I love Sam dearly but I don't write him often because I worry that I'm not getting him exactly right. I'm very glad that you enjoyed this. The Gaffer is a favorite of mine so I did enjoy writing him in this. I do think he must have been a very good father. If Sam respected him so much then he had to be.

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/28/2007

I'm prejudiced, I'll admit it

You saved the best for last.

I laughed out loud.

I chuckled.

I sniggered at things I wasn't quite sure I was supposed to laugh at (but were very funny)

And I got all teary at the end.


Now, take your bows and go write some more of your wonderful stories ;-)

Author Reply: Hey you can laugh out loud at anything in this story that strikes you as funny! You know I love it when folks laugh at these. This one was all meant to be pure fun and games from start to finish so it's good to hear that it was.

Thank you for all of the lovely reviews and the applause and cheers and the bravo(s). I now bow to you!

PS Drop me an email and let me know what MEWD means if you have time. I have no idea and I haven't been able to puzzle it out. Someone else asked me to translate it and I had to admit that I was completely cluess on that one! LOL

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/28/2007
"We all take turns watching after him "

“I wouldn’t be afraid to go but everyone would miss me too much "

I was as worried as Merry, GW! You rival Frodo and Pippin in your wonderful imagination. Thank you for taking us along on these hobbity adventures.

Author Reply: I thank you for coming along on these adventures! I love the company and the hobbits are all so fond of you! I liked Merry getting a surprise where Pippin was concerned because Merry nearly always knows what's going on with Pippin. A surprise or two keeps it interesting! That Frodo is a very good influence on everyone's reading and acting isn't he? : )

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/28/2007
Now, that is the most entertaining reason to run away yet! I ran away several times myself at age seven, usually to the empty lot full of stands of blackberry vines and crabapple trees across the street, often with my little suitcase full of doll clothes and my favorite dolls. I KNEW someone would take a nice little girl in, but wasn't certain about whether or not they knew how to take care of my dolls, you see. Heh!

But this has been a MOST lovely series, and all of the far too likely!

Author Reply: I packed several times too and never went far at all. I didn't figure that Pippin, the darling of his family, would have much reason to leave at six but I thought he'd be attracted to the adventure of it in a very Tookish way. LOL It sounds as if you could have gone to the barn for the day with him, brought your dolls and had snacks with Errol!
Thank you for reading and I am very glad you enjoyed these!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/28/2007
Well, at the beginning you had me as convinced as Merry. *blushes* A great game for everyone!

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/27/2007
Ah...a little bit of AC, a nice thunderstorm...I'm back! Actually, I couldn't stay away for long, lol! These wee stories are excellent!

I do love a good story that has Merry and his beloved auntie interacting. I really enjoyed the part of Merry wanting to go rescue Frodo from Bilbo, saying he'd had Frodo long enough! That was sweet. I do love your "little lad" tales -- I think you have them nailed, lol. I wonder why???? ;-)

Now I'm *really* looking forward to little Pippin's story...


Author Reply: It was funny because I dont' use Eglantine very often and so she surprised me by turning up in this story. I usually write Merry's parents and Bilbo when I need adults but this has been a strange group of little stories. You'll see what I mean when you read Pippin's. I actually used Paladin and you know I never do that. LOL
Glad the AC is working and I'm totally jealous of your thunderstorm. We need rain so badly here and aren't getting it. Stay cool!

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