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Biography:   I was introduced to The Lord of the Rings by the wonderful BBC radio dramatization at age twelve, in 2002. I was captivated from the first, especially by the Hobbits, and eagerly read the books between the ages of thirteen and fourteen. The story was exciting and thrilling, but the love and friendship to be found in it captured and held my heart and has done ever since. Around the same ages, I discovered the magic of fanfiction. I wrote my own — mostly not very well — between 2005-2008, under the screen name ‘Queen Galadriel.’ Gradually the demands of life pulled me away from writing, and in recent years, although I’ve frequently thought of cleaning up the mess of unfinished stories I left behind, I was appalled by everything from my pretentious pen name to the actual content of those stories. But in 2022, life as I knew it smashed to smithereens. As I grieved, I found myself reading beloved stories authored by those who were so unfailingly kind to me through every awkward phase I went through as a very young writer. To my own surprise, I found that the need to write had not died, that I have more stories to tell than I ever did as a young girl, and began writing again myself. My gratitude goes out to all of those whose works have shaped not only how I view Middle-Earth but many aspects of life itself, those who were so kind and encouraging when I was first trying to find my writing voice, to Professor Tolkien for the wonderful world he created that has inspired the hearts and pens of so many, and above all, to God, on whose strength alone I do all things. Stories appearing here will be mostly ‘Hobbitocentric’ or Fellowship-centric, but other parts of the history of Middle-Earth may be explored in time as well. All old material has been removed. Some few pieces may be polished and reposted, but most will be new. Thank you for visiting.
bullet Playing History Last Updated: 9/8/2023
Sam learns firsthand just what it means for children to learn through imitative play, and young Elanor and Frodo begin to think about the story in the Red Book in a new way. Also features Rose and several of the younger Gardner children.
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Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 1 Published: 9/8/2023
bullet Of the Nature of Dreams Last Updated: 4/16/2023
Little Frodo is curious about dreams,replicas relojes and Primula treasures special moments with her only child.
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Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 1 Published: 4/16/2023