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Languages: Description This is a comprehensive site covering the languages of Arda. This site has a downloadable English/Sindarin dictionary called Dragon Flame, available for Windows computers.† You can also download a pdf version of the dictionary. In-depth articles on Sindarin grammar. Elvish names site (Quenya)
Fan Fiction Awards:  
Awards page on SOA A page containing information about the various fan fiction awards programs and how to find out more information about them.
Tolkienís World: This is an online encyclopedia giving definitions, meanings, family relationships, and timelines of Tolkienís universe. Michael Martinezís series of articles on J.R.R. Tolkienís Middle Earth Encyclopedia, languages and other information about Tolkien's world
General LOTR News and Information TORN has great news on the movies, games, books, actors etc.† Take elvish lessons, submit your fanfiction, chat, forums etc. This site includes a fun name generator Ė however the names are NOT authentic. This site has a fairly good name generator  
LOTR Movies The official website for the New Line Cinema LOTR movie trilogy, includes the official store
Movie screen caps and shots
Shopping Everything you could want to buy with a Tolkien theme


Maps of Middle-Earth.† The Tolkien archives was forced to remove the maps they were offering for download as they were reproductions from the books.† I believe the artists submitted the maps shown on this site.
Maps, fonts and other goodies Very nice maps of Middle-earth
Fanfiction Archives Anyone can post Ė covers multiple fandoms. Members can post anything for other members to see.† Stories in the public archives are voted in by members. Members may post.† Tolkien-specific archive A hobbit-centric peer-reviewed archive   Family friendly LotR archive, with an extensive links section
Fanfiction Glossaries Very comprehensive gloassary of terms used across many fandoms. Terms may be reviewed or searched multiple ways.

Another well liked glossary recommended by several members.

Fair Use and Public Domain References Definitions of Fair Use(US) and Fair Dealing (UK, Canada, Austrailia) When information enters the public domain A presentation developed for educational institutions regarding the use of copyrighted material in multimedia presentations

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