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On the knife’s edge  by Laikwalâssê

On the knife’s edge


The characters, places, and events are creations of J.R.R. Tolkien. No profit was or will be made from this story. It was written solely for entertainment.


Author’s note:

As always many, many thanks to my wonderful beta reader LadyLindariel.


One short moment may change the life of Elrond forever.

Rating: PG-13

Chapter 1:  From one moment to the other

Glorfindel tightened his hold on the child sitting in front of him. Elladan was wriggling and bouncing unable to sit still in his excitement. He was not only irritating the dutifully trotting stallion beneath him but also his brother sitting in front of him.

However, neither the whinnied protest of Asfaloth, nor the glare from Elrohir could subdue him. Glorfindel only stilled the permanently pounding legs on his horse´s shoulder, having recognised the flattened ears of his mount.

Glorfindel smiled. The twin sons of Master Elrond were excited beyond measure because yesterday the warrior had finally relented to the long-term bidding of his young charges to take them on an exploring tour outside the valley. Months and months their father had denied his permission, claiming the valley´s surroundings as too dangerous for children so small.

Finally, when the boys had reached their 30th begetting day and with no report of increased orc activity, Master Elrond had given his permission to let them go.

Lady Celebrían however, could not really be convinced that her children could be kept save. Glorfindel had planned the route carefully, had checked it twice the days before and had promised to return after one camping night and a picnic afterwards.  The excitement of her children and the assurance from the warrior that he would do all in his power to keep them safe had finally won the First Lady over.

The children could barely be convinced to sleep the night before the trip and even before sunrise both had made the whole house known they were ready.

Glorfindel had taken them high up the steep incline reaching the highest point of the surrounding mountains with a breath-taking view down the sheltered valley. The twins had giggled how tiny their father´s house looked from that point and had laughed at the crawling “ants”.

Afterwards they had crossed the invisible border that kept the valley safe from unfriendly eyes. The children had made round eyes when suddenly their wont surroundings had vanished.

Nothing now indicated the way down the valley. With awe, they had listened when Glorfindel explained that it was their father´s magic protecting their home. Elladan was excited to be in “real orc land” now. While Elrohir had looked uncertain, Glorfindel had only rolled his eyes.

However, before they resumed their trip he had made it very clear to the boys that at all times they had to follow his orders and never go anywhere without his consent. Elrohir had nodded instantly where Elladan had declared what could possibly happen with the mightiest warrior abroad.

`Sweet innocent child` the “mighty” warrior had thought by himself and given the signal to continue.

The afternoon had been thrilling to the boys. Glorfindel had shown them various tracks of animals they had to identify for him, they had explored caves, collected edible berries and he had even shown them how to catch their own evening meal – a big fish from a clear stream.

The camping evening with the cooking of the fish over a self-kindled fire had ended “the very best day ever”, as Elrohir had declared.

Glorfindel had not even had to admonish them to sleep – the boys were deadly tired from all the activities and had nearly fallen asleep while he was telling them a story from the days of Gondolin. He carried them inside the little tent he had brought with him and gazed fondly at the already sleeping elflings.

“Sleep well, my little warriors!”

Glorfindel then took his position next to the fire to take his night watch. Never did he let the tent´s entrance out of sight while listening to the sounds of the night forest.


The sun had already risen while the children still slept. Glorfindel had warmed some milk and unpacked the bread, cheese and fruit.

He was just about to wake the twins when he heard a sound. He stood and slowly readied his sword. He carefully walked toward the tent ready to pounce on every intruder possible.

Suddenly a black squirrel raced down the tree, over the clearing, snatched a piece of cheese and vanished over the trees on the opposite side.

Glorfindel re-sheathed his sword and glared after the little animal.

“Thief!” he muttered while bending down and dragging the mats the boys were sleeping on out of the tent.

Two pairs of sleepy eyes looked at him but only for a moment.

“Glorfindel, I´m hungry…”

“I´m going to pee….”

“What´s for breakfast…?”

“When do we leave…?”

“Are there any orcs around…?”

“I have to tell Ada and Nana….!”

“I have not slept at all….!”

Glorfindel sighed after …” breakfast is ready….”, “don’t go too far…”, “soon….”, “no orcs abroad”, “oh yes of course….”

The warrior closed his mouth and smiled when only the need for air and the first bite of bread interrupted the chatting of the boys.

“Have you kept watch all night?” Elladan asked between two bites and looked around.

“Yes, and it was a quiet and uneventful night.”

“How boring,” Elladan declared while finishing his last piece of cheese.

Glorfindel hid a smile. For little Elladan nothing could progress fast enough.

“I´m looking forward to telling Nana all we have seen and I will bring her this…look!” Elrohir pulled a shining blue stone from his pocket.

Glorfindel regarded the stone thrust under his nose.

“That´s pretty, Elrohir. Your mother will be happy.”

The boy smiled and carefully packed the stone back into his pocket.

“So, boys pack up and we will leave. The sky promises rain.”

“I can see no clouds,” Elladan declared while rolling up his sleeping bag.

“Me neither,” Elrohir confirmed his brother´s statement

Glorfindel sighed and closed his eyes briefly.


One hour later, the heaven had opened all gates. Glorfindel with the boys sitting in front of him had just directed his horse on the path along the steep mountain wall high up the valley. He had not believed that the rain would come this quickly.

The change of weather could not have come at a more mistimed moment. The narrow path became wet and slippery within moments. The children had long stopped chatting and were huddling together.

Elrohir had tightened his hold on the horse´s mane while Elladan was hugging his brother´s waist a little too tight. Glorfindel had spread his woollen cloak over the already shivering children.

When lightning struck and the boys shrieked with fear Glorfindel looked at the sky with worry.

Water was cascading down the rock face and the stallion had trouble already in finding sure footing. Glorfindel manoeuvred the horse as near to the wall as possible, yet the downpour transformed the path into a muddy slide.

When a flash of lightening hit the rock face and loosened a rockslide, the horse reared up and the elflings screamed this time in real terror.

With both hands on the boys, Glorfindel could not really comfort his horse, his voice drowned out by the loud thunder.

While Glorfindel tightened his hold on his young charges, the horse´s legs came back to the ground but found no steady path anymore and then everything happened in slow motion.

The horse, the elf and the two elflings tumbled over the edge and were falling head over heels down the slope.

Desperately Glorfindel tried to grab anything to stop their descend, yet the earth and the roots were too slippery. Elladan was ripped from his hands and he cried the elfling´s name, yet to no avail while nature hit with full force now.

His world went black instantly when his back hit something hard and an incredible pain snuffed out his conscience.

To be continued…….


Chapter 2:  darkness everywhere

The Elf-lord looked up sharply when his wife sitting next to him at the high table moaned. The teacup fell from her suddenly lifeless fingers and clattered on the table sloshing tea all over.

He had not even time to ask a word when he felt a piercing pain right in his heart at the same time.

“The boys,” Celebrían whispered and Elrond could only nod. He felt as clearly as his wife that something bad had happened to their children. He instantly searched his bonds with the twins and swallowed relieved when he found them dimmed but intact. They had to be unconscious or extremely distracted with fear or pain then.

Erestor and Lindir sitting across from the couple needed no confirmation what had happened. A look in both ashen faces told them enough.

Yet they waited before springing into action focusing on the healer instead. Elrond’s eyes were still closed as he listened inside.

After endless moments, he came back to awareness.

“I can reach Elrohir, but not Elladan, he must be unconscious. Elrohir is extremely scared but responding.”

Celebrían´s gaze was directed into the distance but she nodded to her husband´s statement.

Erestor narrowed his eyes. The short statement of his Lord made him wonder, even when his sharp mind was already working. What could have possibly happened? The children were in the care of Glorfindel and he could not imagine anyone more competent to guarantee the safe keeping of the heirs of Imladris.

Yet Imladris´ seneschal did not for one minute question the emotional experiences of the high couple; he only had to look in the distressed faces.

Knowing his Lord and Lady long enough he did not have to wait long for the next announcement.

“Erestor, please make all ready for my immediate departure. I will have Tinár and four warriors ready to depart in thirty minutes. I will change and grab my healing supplies.”

The healer had already risen and was striding toward the door.

Erestor nodded and only raised an eyebrow knowing without looking what demand would follow.

“I´m coming with you,” the first Lady announced, her face set.

The healer stopped in mid-stride and took a deep breath.

“No, I will go alone. It´s already dark and it has started to rain. It is no safe place for……”

He had no chance to finish his sentence.

“Elrond Peredhil, I´m not one of your staff to order around. Our children are in danger and I will come with you. Darkness and rain will not stop a daughter of Galadriel.”

Erestor rose and left with a sigh. He knew how this would end.

The healer turned slowly around now facing his wife.

“Celebrían, it´s not safe and I do not speak of rain and darkness. I already have the twins to worry about and maybe Glorfindel.”

The healer´s glare was piercing. Seeing the pain in his beloved eyes, his voice softened a bit.

“I need you here to sustain the contact with the children and keep their spirits up.”

“You are wasting time, Elrond. I can help the boys best when I´m out there.”

The Lady of Imladris had gathered her long robe and was striding toward the door.

“Celebrían no! You will stay here and I will not say one more word on that matter.”

His voice had not been overly loud, yet every elf in the room witnessing this scene swallowed. Their Lord seldom used this tone.

Without a further word, the healer proceeded his wife and hurried out the door. Celebrían followed her face red with anger.





When Elrond left the paved courtyard and the hooves of his horse became inaudible he turned his head. Celebrían was standing at the top of the great steps her long hair blowing behind her. Her gaze was not directed toward him but into the distance.

He knew that she was still angry. She had shut their bond connecting them, yet her anger still rolled in waves from her.

While packing his healing supplies she had again tried to convince him to take her with him. She had tried all tactics even used the most powerful weapons all women had – tears.

Even if he did understand his wife´s motivation to come to their children’s aid, he had to refuse; the upcoming mission was complicated already without throwing another uncertainty factor in the ring – a mother scared senseless with fear for her children.

All had ended in an ugly dispute. The healer did not doubt the skills of his wife to defend herself in the wild – her father Lord Celeborn had trained her personally – yet the worry for her children would cloud her judgement. 

She had thrown at him that he was a father as she was a mother – that was right, but in long years as a healer, he had perfected the ability to shut out emotions when treating a family member.

He only hoped that his confidence in his training did not betray him on what was to come.

With a silent command, he turned his horse around. He would deal with his irritated wife later. Knowing she was safely home had to be comfort enough right now.

He gave the signal and urged his mount forward. The great black stallion made a mighty leap and galloped onto the bridge over the Bruinen to enter the small mountain pass bringing his rider quickly up the steep incline. At the top, he again turned back and gazed down at his house´ entrance. Celebrían was no longer there. He sighed.

“Alright, let us make haste,” he announced while again urging his horse forward.

Tinár, Elrond´s personal assistant and an expert like the Master healer pressed his lips into a thin line. The shortness of his chief´s commands clearly indicated how tense the healer was despite his best efforts in not letting it show.

Three packhorses also accompanied them. Elrond had taken all he could think of with him, from the simplest bandage to a tent where he could perform surgery if necessary.

The four warriors accompanying them fanned out. Even if a formidable fighter, the healer seldom left his valley and the warriors would take no chance.




One day and well into the following night the rescue party was now abroad. They had taken no rest so far and Tinár looked with worry at the hunched Elf-lord over the neck of his horse in a futile attempt to avoid some of the pouring rain. For hours now, it had been raining heavily and it showed no signs of stopping.

Tinár understood his Lord´s anxiety to reach his children as quickly as possible, yet the down-pouring rain did make the terrain slippery and dangerous.

When the healer´s horse made a misstep and Elrond only stayed atop with much balancing talent, Tinár raised his hand and called for a stop. At first Elrond did not react, only after a second more urgent call he halted. It had become almost completely dark by now, the moon veiled by clouds.

The Lord of Imladris turned and his long-wet hair was sloshing around his shoulders.

“What?” he asked irritation colouring his voice.

Tinár dismounted and walked up.

“Elrond, we need a break, the horses are tired and stumbling in the dark will gain us nothing.”

The healer pushed back his hood. The four warriors had come nearer hoping that their chief would consent to a break.

“Tinár, we have to go on. The boys and Glorfindel need our help. I can clearly feel that the health of my children is deteriorating with every passing minute. We cannot delay and a bit of rain will surely not stop me.”

“Maybe that was Glorfindel´s assumption also and now he is in need of help. You will need all your strength and wits when we reach them. A tired and frantic healer will not help them.”

The Half-elf´s eyes blazed in the dark and Tinár already feared that the healer would say no but then he dismounted.

“Alright, but only until the horses are rested. We cannot waste much time.”

The nearly audible sigh of the younger healer was echoed from the warriors.

They receded a bit into the bushes to a little clearing, easy to overview and fit for their purpose. The six elves did not bother with a fire, only unpacking their dried meat and some fruits. One of the warriors, Thalan refilled all water bottles.

While all sat there eating, Elrond´s gaze was again directed at the top of the mountains. Tinár wondered if the Elf-lord knew exactly where his children were or if this was more an empathic level. Just as the healer wanted to take a bite, he sprung up his bowl with the food falling to the floor.

“Valar, no please. Don´t let it happen.”

Even if dark, Tinár could see the fear in his Lord´s eyes. He didn´t need to ask what Elrond had perceived.

All thoughts on rest forgotten, the six elves mounted their horses and headed into the dark.

To be continued…………...


Chapter 3:  on the mountainside


When Elrohir awoke, he felt something wet on his cheek. Irritated he brushed it away only to notice that it was wet hair, but it felt odd: very coarse and it had a bad smell. Opening his eyes slowly, he recognized that it was dark, cold and raining.

Why was he laying on wet earth and where did all this white hair come from?

Wait a minute, white hair? he thought to himself confused.

Elrohir carefully pushed himself up on his elbows, groaning when his head started throbbing. Touching his forehead, Elrohir blinked when his hand came back bloody.

Letting out a shriek, he did what was natural to him like breathing: he opened his bond to his twin-brother craving for comfort. But to his utter shock on the other end was nothing – a black chasm.

Elrohir now truly scared, skid back on his shins. He let out another shriek, when his feet were suddenly dangling over nothing. Instantly he grabbed for something to hold and managed to grab the closest thing in front of him: the mysterious wet, white hair. Pulling himself back to safer ground Elrohir lay there breathing hard.

So many questions raced through his mind: What was going on here? Where was he? Why was it dark and raining? Where was his brother and why was his head throbbing so awfully?

“Ada, Nana, Glorfindel?” he called in a timid voice – more a sob than anything else.

To his utter disappointment, only the constant dripping of the rain and the howling of the wind was his answer.

Sitting on the ground, cradling his knees together, Elrohir tried to remember the recent events. As he willed himself to remember, his head begun to throb even more as his memory came back full force.

Elrohir looked around frantically, only now recognizing the various boulders laying around. He was perched on a narrow mountain trail with high walls on the left of him and a chasm on his right. Yet what really shocked him was the big unmoving mass in front of him.

Gradually, the young child realized who the white hair belonged to. “Asfaloth?” he asked in a whisper suddenly afraid that the big horse would spring up and shove him over the edge.

“Asfaloth?” He tried again but he got no reaction. It was then he realized that the faithful steed was dead. Tears welled up in his eyes. He loved horses very much and seeing the big horse like this pierced his heart.

With an already quivering under-lip, he tried to look past the horse. However, the unmoving body was blocking his view.

His heart sank. Again, he looked around. The last thing he remembered was a sudden loud bang, lightening, a rockslide and then…. nothing!

Elrohir’s eyes widened: a rockslide!

Bile rose in his throat as he carefully skidded to the edge of the ledge and peered into the chasm.

“Elladan, Glorfindel?” he called, yet the howling wind ripped the words from his mouth.

Receiving no answer, Elrohir sat back. Wiping tears and blood from his brow with his sleeve, he rose to his feet carefully and just as he wanted to call again an immense wave of emotions washed over him.

…pain, fear, irritation……

In shock, he stepped sideways. Pebbles and earth began falling away from the edge. Unconsciously, he leaned inward his mind fully concentrated on the jumbled thoughts from his brother. Without thinking, he sent comfort to his brother´s panicking mind.

Crawling again forward to the edge, he peered down. First, he saw nothing in the dark but after his eyes had adjusted, he could make out a ledge further down where two bodies were lying.

His breath hitched. “Elladan?” he cried.

When he received no answer, he called again. “Elladan, Glorfindel?”


Barely seeing, but clearly feeling his brother, Elrohir sobbed in relief.

“I´m up here. Are you alright?”

…. “I´m not sure. My leg hurts and…”


Elrohir could clearly feel his brother´s irritation. Even if not able to discern much in the dark, Elrohir did perceive what his brother was seeing. Glorfindel was lying on the same narrow ledge his brother was perching on and he was not moving.

Elrohir swallowed.

´Please let him be alright´, he prayed.

Hearing his brother scrambling about in the dark Elrohir waited.

“Elladan is he ok?” he asked, his voice tinged with fear.

When his brother gave no answer, his heart began to pound quicker. Tears now freely streaming down his face he looked into the night sky.

´Ada, please help´, he sobbed, but his only answer was the howling wind. At least it had stopped raining.



Elladan crawled forward until he reached the still body. He grit his teeth whenever he moved, for a sharp pain shot up his shin. With a shaking hand, he touched the fair-haired elf´s shoulder.


Shaking a bit harder he tried again.


Again, no answer. A lump rose in his chest.

Squinting his eyes, he looked upwards. He could vaguely make out his brother crouching on the edge.

“Elrohir, Glorfindel is unconscious. He might be badly injured.”

“But he must wake up, how will we get out of here?”

Hearing his brother´s distress, Elladan swallowed. With his injured leg, he wasn´t able to ascend the steep cliff wall.

“I will come down to you,” his twin announced.

“Stay where you are, silly child.”

Elladan´s head whirled around. The warrior had opened his eyes.

“Glorfindel, you are awake,” he cried in relief.

The older twin slung both arms around his beloved mentor, yet when the elf did not react, nor even said a word, Elladan came back up and looked into the familiar face.

“Glorfindel?” he asked softly. He could clearly feel that something was seriously wrong.

The warrior briefly closed his eyes, still not moving.

“Elladan, you must listen to me very closely now.”

The elfling scooted closed. Glorfindel’s voice sounded weak and strained.

Elladan leaned in closer. The older elf´s voice was so soft he could barely make out the words.

“Elladan, you and your brother must be very brave now. I will not be able to help you. You two must go and find help….”

Elladan came back up.

…. “but we will not leave you….”

“Elrondion, stop and listen to me! You two have to get away from the cliff. The storm has lessened and you have a chance to leave the mountain. We are not far from the outer border of Imladris. The border guards will find you two.”

Breathless, the warrior closed his eyes. Elladan shook his head while tears were silently falling.

“But you are injured. I will not leave you. I will help you up. You have to come with us….”

At those words, the fair-haired elf smiled.

“Sweet child. I will go nowhere. I cannot even feel my feet, but you must go. You father is almost certainly searing for you two.”

Looking intently at the child in front of him, Glorfindel took a deep breath.

“Now go. The two of you will have a chance.”

Elladan scooted back in shock. He would never leave the injured elf´s side.

Reaching for the child´s tunic, the warrior gripped his fingers into the fabric.

“You have to go now! Leave me alone. Back off!”

Elladan scrambled back in shock. Never had his mentor shouted at him like that.

He leaned his head on the cool stone face and cried in despair.


To be continued……………………


Chapter 4:  My Poor Children

Erestor’s head snapped up when the atmosphere in the room suddenly changed. He was sitting in a comfortable armchair in front of the fire reading a book – his means to still his agitated nerves.

Lady Celebrían was standing like a statue in front of the great window staring into the dark for hours. Despite several elves best attempts, nothing had convinced her so far to leave this spot.

Not that she had spoken a word, yet her posture had suddenly changed from tense to rigid, and her breathing had increased.

Erestor frowned, what had the first Lady perceived? Slowly rising, he walked to the window to peer out. The courtyard lay as deserted as before and nothing was indicating that this would change. The information had to come from another source then.

Erestor had only to look into his Lady´s face to know that something had happened and according to the tears streaming down her face nothing good.

“My Lady, what is wrong?” he asked in his most placating manner, yet to no avail.

The Lady of Imladris was whirling around and directing her blazing eyes at her husband´s councillor.

“What is wrong?” she cried. “I will tell you what is wrong. I will never see my children alive again. I should have never allowed them to go, but I know who has to answer for that.”

She gathered her gown and left the room in a rush. Seldom lost for words, Erestor stared after the she-elf speechless. He narrowed his eyes to slits. What in the name of the Valar was the meaning of this? The children were with Glorfindel and when something bad had happened to them, then Glorfindel was involved also. He would give his life to protect Elrond´s sons. The first Lady´s anger was misdirected.

Never one to question the means of the world, Erestor took his leave as well. A bad situation had obviously turned for the worst. He had to take action.




The irritated whinny of the Elf-lord´s horse caused Tinár to look up sharply. For hours, they had been riding through the night, only stopping long enough to read tracks or check direction.

The Elf-lord had halted his stallion rather roughly, and was now sitting perfectly still with his eyes closed. Tinár came alongside and looked at his senior healer intently.

Elrond had been highly nervous and agitated before, despite his best effort not to let it show, yet now he was literally quivering.

“Elrond?” Tinár asked softly, deliberately using the Elf-lord´s name despite his title in the hope to get through.

Long moments went by and still the Elf-lord did not stir. Tinár was just about to call again when the healer opened his eyes sharply. The young healer flinched at the raw emotions he could glimpse in his lord’s grey eyes. Elrond seldom let anyone witness such a private side of him.

“They are farther up the mountain than I hoped they would be. Further peril will come upon them, and without Glorfindel, they will be lost. We have to reach them quickly.”

Without a further explanation or word, the healer spurred his horse forward.

Tinár blinked.

Further peril?

Without Glorfindel?

The young healer took a deep breath. He hardly wanted to explore what these words were meant to be.

Where had the Elf-lord this information from? Knowing that the Half-elf had the gift of foresight, Tinár followed instantly.

Elrond must have suffered a vision of some sort. Vision often appeared unclear and nebulous but the few uttered word let the young healer dread what they would find further up the mountain.




When Elrohir heard his brother cry, he leaned over the edge. “El?” he called. “Stay where you are, I will come down to you.”

Without waiting for a response, the younger twin got up and turned to round the body of poor dead Asfaloth. Searching frantically for Glorfindel´s bag, Elrohir found it half buried under the horse´s belly.

With a jerk, Elrohir pulled the bag loose, opened it and retrieved a long rope. Tying the rope around a boulder, he frowned when he realized it would not hold due to the wet stone. Looking around and finding no root in the dark, he decided to use the means he had. His eyes falling on Asfaloth, Elrohir tied the rope to the front leg of the horse, estimating that the poor beast would be heavy enough to hold his weight.

“I´m sorry, my friend, but I need your help,” he sobbed while tightening the knot.

He could barely make the knot because of the tears streaming down his face. Having to do this tore at his heart, but his brother and Glorfindel were down there needing his help, so….

Testing the rope one last time, Elrohir shoved his feet over the abyss and gripped the rope with all his might as it stretched taut until he was suddenly dangling over the chasm.

Holding his breath for a moment, Elrohir looked over his shoulder. Not seeing much in the darkness, he used his brother´s fëa guiding him to the right spot. Bit by bit he let his hands glide down the rope until his feet finally touched solid ground. For a few more moments he stood there, his flushed face leaning against the cold stonewall and his little feet shaking from exertion.


Elrohir jumped slightly as his brother´s voice startled him.

“Elrohir come over here. I need your help.”

Carefully relinquishing his hold on the rope, Elrohir crossed the distance and crouched next to his brother. After a quick hug, he directed his gaze at the still body of the warrior.

“Glorfindel, how badly you are hurt? Tell us and we can help. Ada taught us much.”

The warrior briefly closed his eyes. When he opened them, again he smiled.

“Of that I´m sure, my boy, but here you can do nothing. I cannot feel my feet; in fact, I can feel nothing below my torso, but I´m not in pain…”

Seeing the panic in the twins´ eyes, he quickly added.

“It´s ok. You two must leave. The quicker you arrive home and seek help the quicker we will all get out of here.”

“But…,” Elladan began, but seeing the angry shake of the older elf´s head, he stopped.

“Child listen to me. You two must leave. Any moment wind can come up and blow us from the ledge, or another avalanche can loosen. So, get up there and leave. Take Asfaloth; he knows the way home….”  

Exhausted, the warrior closed his eyes.

Elladan swallowed. How could Glorfindel demand to leave him here alone, helpless as he was? He looked at his brother with pleading eyes.

“I cannot come with you either. My leg is broken and my side hurts awfully. You must take Asfaloth and go for help….”

“But I will not leave you two….” Elrohir said, his under-lip quivering.

Besides, how were they to get home without Asfaloth. Elrohir did not have the heart to tell his mentor that his beloved horse was dead.

Glorfindel pleaded once more, his voice holding such urgency.

“Child, please leave. With you sitting here, we have no chance. Asfaloth will protect and guide you. Your father is most certainly already searching.”

The golden-haired warrior gritted his teeth. He could in fact feel nothing in his lower body, however his upper body was in a great deal of pain –  yet he vowed that the children would not know lest they refuse to leave.

Elrohir looked up into the dimness and nodded. Hugging his brother once more, he looked in his eyes with fierce determination.

“Stay with him. I will return with the whole of Imladris.”




Glorfindel closed his eyes in exhaustion. With a sinking heart, he heard the boys scrambling about in the dark. A lump was forming in his throat when he heard the boys saying farewells and the beginning of Elrohir ascending the cliff wall. He knew that this was their only chance to get help, yet Elrohir was only an elfling and he dared not think about what terrible dangers could happen to the child, apart from falling to his death.

Not to mention what could happen to a little elfling alone at the High Pass. With orcs roaming in the night, he shuddered as he thought about what those foul creatures would do if they got their filthy hands on an elven child.

Glorfindel would never forgive himself if the boys were hurt or worse.

His heart nearly stopped when Elrohir let out a cry followed by a slithering noise and raining pebbles.

Behind closed eyes, he saw the child plunge to his death.

He cursed his inability to help. He still had no feeling below his chest and the pain in this left arm was killing him. The double vision and his blinding headache did nothing to make the situation any better.

However, his heart begun to pound quicker when he couldn´t hear any sound after the stone avalanche had come to a stop and the calling of Elladan had quieted.

“Elrohir, are you alright?”



“He´s alright, Glorfindel. Elrohir just took a wrong step. Nothing happened,” Elladan explained while limping over.

Glorfindel closed his eyes. Despite his body feeling more and more cold he begun to sweat.

`Please Valar let this child be safe. `

To be continued….


Chapter 5:  a child alone, an unreal dream and a bad ending

Elrohir grunted when he finally reached the top of the cliff, pulling himself over the rim he lay there panting hard. His hands hurt and pounded in league with his head, as he looked at them he could not detect with all the dirt if the wetness was blood or water.

The sun had already risen, and the rain had thankfully stopped. Yet, a stiff wind was still blowing making his wet clothes feel all the more uncomfortable.

Lifting his head, Elrohir looked to his right in the vain hope that the horse had stood up, but it still lay there unmoving. Sitting up, Elrohir removed the tears of frustration, pain, and sadness from his face unconsciously smearing it with dirt and blood.

Elrohir stood up and looked over the landscape. He turned into the direction of his home and sighed, knowing he had to get off the cliff face and down through the wood surrounding Imladris until he would finally reach its borders.

Even elven children had an innate sense of direction which did suit him now even if not consciously knowing it.

Before leaving, he searched again for Glorfindel´s bag. After retrieving it, he shook the items out: a water bottle – half-full -, a wrapped piece of dried meat and a small knife.

That was a start. Storing the items away again, Elrohir shrugged the strap of the bag over his head.

The last thing he needed to do was collect the rope. Kneeling, Elrohir loosened the rope around the horse´ leg and retrieved it from the cliff face.

After rolling the rope up and tucking it into the bag, his fingers smoothed the fur on the horse´s front leg where the rope had bit into the flesh.

`I´ll go now, brother. I will be back as soon as possible`.

`Take care little brother.'




Elladan lifted his head when he had heard a sound. At first, he did not know where he was. His memory, however, returned quickly when his feet shoved some pebbles over the edge of the ledge he was cowering on. He scrambled back and flattened his back at the rock face when he realized the sound he had heard was a moan.

“Glorfindel?” he asked while crawling alongside the warrior.

With cold and dirty fingers, the older twin smoothed a strand of hair out of the elf´s eyes. The warrior´s skin looked gray and felt cold to the touch. Glorfindel had his eyes closed but was licking his lips.

Elladan swallowed. “Are you thirsty?” he asked while looking around. He already dreaded the answer because all their supplies lay twenty feet above them.

“Do not bother, child. Please remain still lest you tumble to your death.”

Elladan wrinkled his brow. He was thirsty too, and his leg hurt still awfully – even if the sharp pain had now changed into dull throbbing.

Glorfindel sounded so dejected, a bit of water would help, he had only to find some.

“I will be back shortly,” he announced and shoved himself back until he had the full ledge for him to rise. This, however, was not a good idea. A sharp pain was shooting up his leg, up his spine and right into his brain. He cried out and fell back on his knees.

“Elladan? Are you ok?”

After taking a few steadying breaths, Elladan nodded until realizing his mentor could not see this.

“I´m alright. Don´t worry.”

A snort was his only answer.

While crawling forward, Elladan shoved smaller loose boulders over the edge to not have to round them. His hands and knees already hurt from crawling over the ground. He was just about to turn around when his eyes lit up. One step ahead lay a piece of bark, and it was filled with some water.

Grabbing it, Elladan carefully dragged it with him crawling all the way back this time backward. After endless moments, he had reached the warrior.

“Glorfindel, I´m back with water, look!”

The warrior opened his eyes and smiled.

“Thank you, child, but you first.”

“I have already taken some; it´s for you.”

The lie had come easily over his lips even when his throat felt parched. Hopefully, Glorfindel would not recognize it.

Kneeling next to the elf´s upper body he lifted the warrior´s head and nearly dropped the bark when his mentor let out a pain-filled cry followed by a pressed coughing. Elladan registered with horror that his tunic was now speckled with blood.

When the coughing stopped, Elladan tried again and lifted the warrior´s head – this time much more gently. Sip for sip he infused the liquid into Glorfindel´s mouth. Much too quick the bark bowl went empty.

Glorfindel had not said a word only closed his eyes again but this time a bit more relaxed, or so Elladan meant to observe.

The older twin looked into the sky and judged it was already late afternoon.

He laid down next to warrior, carefully not to touch the other´s ribs but nonetheless let him feel he was near. He rested his head on Glorfindel´s sprawled cape. Maybe he could retrieve the cloak under the body and cover the warrior with it?

Later, perhaps later. Now the elf was lying still and seemed to sleep. If only the wind would lessen.

Gratefully the throbbing in his leg subsided a bit. He felt so alone, without help, they would never leave this mountain alive.

`Please Elrohir hurry. `Ada, Nana, where are you? `

Exhausted he closed his eyes and fell into an uneasy sleep.





Glorfindel opened his eyes slowly. He was still lying on the ledge, some pebbles poking into his back. With his left hand, he groped for the child that had snuggled close to him only to make sure the elfling was still there. When his searching hand met thin air, he jerked upright.

Where was Elladan?

He sprung to his feet and looked right and left down the ledge – not much space a child could vanish too. Carefully he bent forward and looked over the edge, but his gaze could not pierce the darkness of the chasm. Valar, the child had not tumbled down while he had slept?

Carefully setting one foot in front of the other he walked to the left until the ledge ended abruptly.  There was no sign of the elfling. Swallowing, the Elf-lord turned and walked into the other direction.

“Elladan?” he called, the wind ripping the word right from his mouth.

When he rounded a massive boulder, he stopped.  Someone was sitting on the small prong, feet dangling over the abyss.

The strange being – it was no elf – wore a midnight blue ankle-long shirt held only by a small golden band in the middle. The long raven hair was cascading down the small of his back held in place by an elegant circlet. Despite the blowing wind, his hair was not moving.

Glorfindel took a deep breath. The presence of the being felt disturbing, yet at the same time comforting.

“Missing something?” The sonorous voice was not overly loud, yet it predominated the wind effortlessly.

The beautiful being turned his head and Glorfindel swallowed as he realized he was looking into the piercing gray eyes of Lord Namó.

He was suddenly aware the wind had stopped; in fact, he could hear no sound at all.

“My Lord Namó,” Glorfindel said while bowing, his voice sounding rough, “the elven child, Elladan. I cannot find him, my lord”.

The Lord of Mandos briefly closed his eyes. When he looked at the warrior again, Glorfindel was not sure how he should interpret the expression in those eyes.

“You have lost him. He´s not here, child.”

Glorfindel stepped back in shock.

“No! Please don´t. I´m responsible for him.”

The ancient being seemed unfazed by the desperate words, his gaze directed into the distance.

“Yet, you do nothing to help your charges.”

Glorfindel swallowed. “But I cannot move. I cannot leave this damned ledge….”

Glorfindel looked down and was suddenly aware he was standing. The numbness in his legs had vanished, and the piercing pain in his chest was no longer there – this had to be a dream or some sort of vision.

“Helping does not always mean moving, child. There are other ways to leave the cliff face. The elflings need your support Glorfindel.”

When the warrior looked up, the place before him was empty. From one moment to the other, the Vala had vanished. Glorfindel sunk to his knees. A pleasant smell of apples and lavender suddenly filled the air. So out of place and yet so welcome.

Before he knew what happened the howling of the wind was back, as was the pain in his ribs.






After many hours of walking, Elrohir stopped and looked around. The sun had already started its descent, and the temperature began to drop.

He decided to go on until the sunlight had vanished and then search for a place to spent the night. He had already left the mountain and was now wandering through the woods surrounding Imladris. He had never been alone at night. The trees gave him some comfort but at the same time frightened him.

When the light had faded, he chose the hollow base of a huge tree to crawl into. The nook provided at least shelter from the wind. He pushed his knees up to his chest and rested his chin on them, trying to ignore the loud rumbling in his stomach. Elrohir had eaten the dried meat from Glorfindel´s bag long ago.

´Ada, Nana, where are you. Please get me home. `

When he leaned back, he felt a probing in his mind – no words but an empathic whispering. Just as when Ada was easing a hurt or Nana comforting him after a fright; however, they were not here.

Looking up, Elrohir relaxed a bit when the tree welcomed his presence. Slowly he eyes glazed over…

…with a loud cry, he jerked awake. Elladan had fallen over the edge and plunged into the chasm.

No, no, no it was only a dream…

Panting to get his rapidly beating heart under control he was about to crawl out when the tree warned him.

‘…remain still, elfling… not safe…`

Elrohir froze when he heard growling followed by sniffing. He swallowed hard; it sounded like a big animal. Maybe he could pat it and then it would not bite?

Then he remembered last year when he had found a stray wolf puppy, and just as he wanted to lift it up, mother wolf had shown up and bit his hand. Only Ada´s quick reaction by snatching him away and making much noise had saved him from worse.

Afterward, Glorfindel had long lectured him that wild animals were only one thing – wild! Nothing to pet and nothing to play with and never, never get near a puppy!

When two glowing eyes appeared at the entrance, Elrohir closed his eyes and stopped breathing.

…go away… go away… go away.

Suddenly he heard a yelp, and the animal ran away.

Carefully he opened his eyes and waited. No more sniffs and growling. What happened?

…´It's ok child, just wait until sunrise…`

Taking up his former position, he sank again into a light sleep even with his stomach rumbling loud.



When Elrohir awoke, he felt the same probing in his mind. He poked his head carefully out of the tree base and not perceiving anything threatening he crawled out.

Again, rain clouds had gathered, promising rain. Patting the bark of the tree, Elrohir began walking. After some miles, he heard the sound of water running. Being immensely thirsty, he ran down a small bank and gratefully plunged his bottle into the clear water. Drinking his fill, Elrohir sat down at the small stream. Slowly he removed his shoes and dipped his toes into the water. He hissed at the coldness but welcomed the easing. After he had washed his face and hands, he discovered the long cut on his palm anew stinging from being touched.

Elrohir looked around and spotted some chamomile blossoms. Only the blossoms would ease the pain Ada had said. Plucking some, he squashed them and pressed them over the cut fastening his scarf around his hand.

When the stinging had eased, he closed his eyes.

´Elladan, are you alright? How´s Glorfindel faring?´

Even though he could clearly feel his brother, he received no answer.

´Elladan? `

`We are alright. I´m cold. Are you at home? `

`No, not yet. I´m hungry´.

`What is taking you so long? Asfaloth is swift! ´

Elrohir swallowed, and tears were again gathering in his eyes.

`What´s the matter, little brother? `

´Asfaloth is dead…´

Elrohir sniffed when first a mental outcry and then a hug reached him.

`Take care little brother and make haste. ´

“I will,” he said out loud.

With a sigh, the elfling rose and climbed the other side of the bank. When he had reached the top, he spotted a trail and followed it.

´Not far from the border… not far from the border…´

The sun had already sunken under the horizon, and the forest began to darken. Elrohir looked carefully left and right, but as much as the darkness deepened, his uneasiness grew. The towering trees did not give much comfort.

After hours of walking, he spotted a glow in the distance.  A fire?

Quickening his pace, soon the warm glow of the fire came into sight.

His heart quickened when he saw some people sitting around the fire. Surely some border guards – people of ada.

Oddly the fire was immensely smoldering….

Before recognizing who was sitting around the fire a heavy hand was landing on his shoulder.

“Look, guys, what we have here. A little elfling. It seems our day will bring some fun still.”

Elrohir cried out in shock when he looked into the sneering face of an orc.

To be continued……………..     

Chapter 6:  Reunion and a sign

When the Lord of Rivendell held up his hand, Tinár who rode right behind him stopped his horse by a soft command.


Looking up at Elrond, he tried to read his expression, but his Lord gave no indication to what he felt; instead, he merely pointed ahead.

“It can´t be far. I can feel Elrohir’s fëa.  He is close, and he´s in trouble and frightened.”

Before Tinár had a chance to comment the Lord of Imladris had already pushed his horse into a gallop, and the younger healer had no other choice but to follow. He was sure the three guards who rode behind him were close behind. The statement that his lord´s son was in trouble sent shudders down his spine.

The woods around here were dangerous for anyone but a child alone… Tinár refused to dwell on this thought further.

The last two days Elrond had let him witness the younger twin had left the cliff, had come down from the mountain and was now wandering the woods. A massive effort for a child so small. Apart from being scared, thirsty and hungry, the elfling fared well considering the circumstances. However, this could change from one moment to the other –  to find him quickly was crucial.

However, the downplayed words that Elrohir was in trouble did not fool Tinár. He knew his senior chief healer much too long, and the terse statement did not indicate anything good – the child was in danger, and they had to hurry.

After half an hour, Tinár could smell the smoke from a poorly smoldering fire. One of the guards, Threlan, who had scouted ahead, was quickly coming toward them, approaching his lord.

“Hurry,” was all he said and Tinár frowned. What had they found?

A moment later, his question was answered, when he heard the unmistakable sneers of orcs nearby.

Just as quickly as Elrond and the guards, Tinár had readied his bow. He was a healer but nonetheless well trained with weapons, yet, knowing the three guards were behind them ready to strike was a big comfort.

When they heard the panicked cry of a child, there was no holding back. Right behind Elrond, Tinár entered a little clearing just ahead of them.





Elrohir was terrified. He had never seen an orc, yet the ugliness and the malice emanating from the large being towering over him paralyzed him with fear. The brute grabbed his collar and dragged him into the middle of the clearing. The orc pushed him, causing him to land hard on his knees just in front of the fire causing the smoke to sting his eyes. Just as he wanted to rise, another orc grabbed him and shoved him into the direction of a third orc. He never had the chance to regain his footing before another orc grabbed him and tossed him down. Before Elrohir could recover, he felt a heavy boot land on his back, and he was unable to suppress a small cry of pain.

“Hey guys, it looks as if our meal tonight will not be as meager as thought. A crispy little elfling, who would have thought?” one of the large orcs sneered.

The younger twin was shaking with sobs while being tossed around, yet despite his fright, he recognized the orcs were moving sluggishly.

At the next push, he dodged the hand grabbing after him and quickly left the circle running toward the nearby tree.

The tree sensing the child’s danger lowered its lowest branch allowing him to grab it. With a leap, he pushed himself up and quickly scrambled up the tree. The tree hurled its branches back up making sure no orcs could reach its precious cargo.

Elrohir did not stop climbing until he had reached the top. Only now, the orcs had recovered from their surprise and were now gathering around the base of the tree shouting and snarling at him.

Elrohir cowered down at the treetop and squeezed his eyes shut. Go away… go away… go away… he pleaded.

Carefully re-adjusting his position, he hoped the orcs would give up after a few minutes. As he curled his knees to his chest, he couldn’t help but feel a throbbing pain in his knee left knee from landing on a stone, and he felt blood trickle down his shin.

Suddenly the jeering and sneering stopped, and Elrohir dared to open his eyes only to feel fear rip through him once more: one of the orcs had retrieved a bow from his back and was just about to string an arrow.

Elrohir screamed as he realized what they were attempting to do. Instead of giving up on reaching him, they were going to shoot him down. Elrohir circled the treetop, but the orc followed his every movement.

´ADA! ´ he cried out mentally when the first arrow flew past him but near enough to ruffle his hair.

He flattened himself against the tree trunk hoping no other projectiles would reach him. When he heard the swish of a released bowstring, he closed his eyes. Luckily, the second arrow missed widely. Elrohir again changed his position but cried out when something large land on his leg.

Looking down, his eyes grew wide with horror when he realized the orcs were throwing burning timbers from the fire at him. Their aims were not very precise, although one great piece of burning wood had hit his right shin setting his pants aflame. He loosened one hand to put them out, but the flames had already scorched his skin.

Just as he had managed to extinguish the flames and was about to round the tree again a severe blow impacted his shoulder sending a blinding pain racing down his arm right into his fingers.

Elrohir released his hold on the tree reflexively and plunged down right into the middle of the cheering orcs.






When Elrond reached the clearing, his darkest fears had come true: orcs were attacking one of his children. He had just seen how Elrohir had fallen from the tree right in the middle of a band of orcs. Now his son lay motionless with a long dark arrow protruding from his shoulder.

Elrond quickly checked his bond with his child and swallowed relieved that Elrohir was only stunned from the fall; however, the impact on the ground had driven the arrow deeper into the shoulder, and the pain was mounting tenfold.

Without thinking, he dismounted in a fluent leap and shot the first arrow even before his feet had touched the ground. His gray eyes always straying to his motionless child on the ground, Elrond switched his bow for his sword and skewered the orc nearest to him. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Tinár racing into the clearing behind him and already bringing down the next orc.

Two of the guards were shooting from the trees and arrow after arrow found its goal. With relief, Elrond recognized Threlan was fighting alongside Tinár. He would need the healer´s assistance once they were done with the orcs.

The Lord of Imladris had just beheaded another brute when a pain-filled wail echoed through the air. Elrond froze and whirled around. The sound had pierced his heart like a glowing knife. With burning eyes, he searched the ground where Elrohir had lain -- the place was empty.

One of the remaining orcs had grabbed the elfling and holding him up in front of his breast; he pressed a knife to the child´s throat. Elrond could already see droplets of blood running down his neck.

Elrohir´s eyes were wide open too much in shock to cry.

`Do not move, ion-nín. I´m here.`

Elrond repeatedly sent the comforting words through their connecting bond willing the elfling to hold still.

One false move and the orc would instantly kill the child. A cut artery was something not even he could undo.

“Down with the weapons or I will kill this whelp,” the orc cried in halting Sindarin.

Elrond knew he had no choice but to surrender. The orcs had nothing to lose, and they would not hesitate to kill his son. In fact, more than likely unless he quickly came up with a plan they would all die.

With an obvious and clear gesture, Elrond lowered his sword and placed it in front of him. Tinár and Threlan followed instantly. With a flick of his eye, Elrond had recognized the two guards in the trees had drawn back their weapons still ready. With a curt command, he made sure they would not attempt to shoot the orc. Due to a reflex, he could still use his knife.

Elrond swallowed when he observed the still protruding arrow from his son´s shoulder and the burned skin at the elfling´s shin. Nonetheless while still speaking to his son telepathically, his attention was solely directed at the orc´s face: he saw panic and fear of death. This situation could at any moment snap out of control.

Just now Elrond felt the questioning probing of his wife demanding to know what was happening. He must have been careless for a second at guarding his thoughts allowing Celebrían to feel his anguish. Just what he needed right now. Nearly ruthless he closed his bond and shut her out. Now he had no ounce of concentration to spare. He knew he would have to do much talking, but he would not allow his wife to witness the possible death of their child.

Suddenly the orc shouted something in his foul language. Whatever it was, Elrond knew he had to act. He clearly saw the will to kill in the orc´s eyes.

Yet before he could act, a blinding light was suddenly illuminating the clearing. It was so bright he had to close his eyes momentarily. No sound could be heard. It was as if the world itself had stopped breathing.

His heart pounded wildly. What happened to the orc? If he panicked, Elrohir would be dead. One small strike would suffice to end his son´s life.

With much effort and nearly overwhelmed with fear for his child´s life, Elrond opened his eyes just a slit.

Elrond blinked. In the middle of the clearing stood a tall elf. He could not make out the elf´s face or what he was wearing. The only thing he recognized was the flowing golden hair. The elf´s body was wafting in the brightness and seemed to have no solid form. What let Elrond swallow were the blazing blue eyes, which appeared to spear the orc still holding Elrohir.

Elrond could not take his gaze from the figure – time seemed frozen.

The healer had no time however to digest the situation. A flurry of movements followed, and suddenly the orc was lying on the ground with two arrows protruding from his back. Where had the arrows come from? The elf had no visible weapon.

The elfling suddenly released from his hold slumped to the ground, but before he hit the ground, the radiant elf was instantly at his side guiding the boy gently to the floor.

Before Elrond could move, the tall figure turned, and the healer could have sworn the elf had winked at him. The face reminded him of… Glorfindel?

As suddenly as the elf had appeared, he vanished. The bright light faded and returned to normal.

Elrond blinked. He looked at Tinár and saw the same incredulity on the young healer´s face.

Elrond´s lips thinned when the guards made quick work of the three remaining orcs. The elves had seized the opportunity as the orcs were as spellbound as the elves.

Storing this moment away for later, Elrond moved swiftly over the clearing and knelt beside his son.

Elrohir had his eyes closed, and despite his wounds, he appeared to be sleeping. Elrond, however, was not fooled. The child´s breathing was much too shallow, and his complexion looked ashen.

Tinár dumped two big bags beside his lord and was already busy preparing what they would need to treat the injuries.

Reaching out, Elrond gently caressed his son´s face already sending healing energy into the small body. After a while, Elrohir opened his eyes; his gaze darting around frantically until he focused on his father´s face.

“Ada,” he whispered, and the sobbing quickly mounted into a full-fledged crying.

Seeing the elfling wanted to rise Elrond bent down and cupped his son's head in both of his hands.

“Shhh, Elrohir it´s over. I´m here now. You must remain still,” Elrond soothed.

While lulling the child´s mind in a semi-conscious state, Elrond already assessed the injuries.

“How can we be of help?” Threlan asked.

After the warrior had made sure all the orcs were dead, he and his two comrades had dragged the bodies to the edge of the clearing to give the healer space to work. They made sure Elrohir would not be confronted again with these brutes.

“I need a fire going and fresh water. Some boiling for tea would be handy,” Elrond ordered.

Threlan nodded, and his two fellow warriors took again position in the trees to protect the little clearing while Threlan started to do his lord´s bidding.

“First, we must retrieve the arrow,” Elrond announced and was already busy preparing his instruments from his bag. He washed his hands in a bowl Threlan had brought.

Tinár nodded. He had placed a woolen cloak under the elfling and was now cutting away the scorched pants to lay open the burned skin Elrohir’s shin. The child was moaning softly. The burned skin on the leg was undoubtedly more painful, yet the arrow had to come out first. Tinár knew why Elrond was demanding haste. Often the arrows were coated in poison and if this was the case, the quicker they could counteract the better.

“Poppy juice?” Tinár asked already holding a small flask with the painkiller in his hands.

Elrond nodded. “But not too much. We still need to find Elladan and Glorfindel.”

Tinár took a deep breath. They would find the other twin and the warrior eventually but with Elrohir´s help it would be much quicker. However, one step at a time.

Just as Elrond coaxed some of the sticky liquid into his son´s mouth, Elrohir´s eyes flew open. “Ada, Elladan is just down there on the ledge, his leg is broken… with, with Glorfindel… he´s badly hurt, cannot move… and Asfaloth… he´s dead and… and where´s Nana… I want Nana!”

Elrohir began to cry again. Again, Elrond dropped a few more drops of the sedating liquid into the elfling´s mouth.

“Shhh, Elrohir. We will help your brother and Glorfindel, but first, you have to calm down. Nana is waiting for you at home.”

Elrond imagined how angry his wife would be with him for shutting her out.

The half-elf sent a significant look at the young healer. His child was traumatized and half drugged. And the little information did nothing to set the healers hearts at ease. Elrond frowned at the description of Glorfindel´s injuries realizing they needed to find him soon before it was too late – if it already wasn’t.

When the poppy juice worked, and the child closed his eyes, Tinár moved opposite of Elrond and fixed the elfling by holding down his left arm and upper torso.

Elrond grabbed a small, sharp knife and cut away the child´s tunic to lay open the shoulder where the arrow was embedded. He made two small incisions left and right of the arrow shaft. Elrohir made a little whimpering noise, and Tinár fastened his hold to prevent the child from moving. When Elrohir had quieted again, Elrond quickly widened the cut with two fingers and pulled the arrow out. Gratefully it was not too deeply lodged into the bone.

Elrond looked intently at the arrowhead and Tinár hold his breath. `Please don´t let it be poisoned, ` he pleaded.

When Elrond tossed the arrow away while taking a deep breath, Tinár also released his breath grateful the wound was not tainted.

With practiced movements, the two healers stopped the bleeding, closed the wound and bound it.

While Elrond washed his hands anew, Tinár mixed a paste of herbs to treat the burning.

Elrond had taken a close look at the burned skin. Luckily, the burning was not very deep only resulting in a deep angry red skin already forming blisters but nonetheless very painful and radiating much heat.

Elrond was soaking a big roll of bandages in the cold mountain water and placed it over the burn marks. When the water touched the burn, Elrohir sighed as some of the heat was relieved.

They repeated this procedure a few times until Elrond wrapped the shin after placing a thick layer of herb paste on the leg. After checking the shoulder would not bleed again, he wrapped the elfling in the cloak and put him in his lap, his head resting on his thigh.

With a thankful nod, he accepted a mug of tea Threlan was offering him.

Tinár sat opposite of the small smokeless fire and cleaned the instruments in hot water simmering over the fire. Across he watched his lord and clearly saw the deep line on the healer´s brow.

Tinár knew exactly what thoughts were going through Elrond´s mind.

They had to bring help to Elladan and Glorfindel quickly, but what of Elrohir? Did they take him along or return him home first? Both options had many aspects to consider, but whatever they decided, they needed to decide fast.

Elrond´s eyes were closed, and he had placed his hand over his son´s heart. Both elves seemed to sleep, yet Tinár knew his lord´s mind was busy working.

This was proved correct a moment later when a sound of hoof-beats was heard coming quickly closer. Elrond´s eyes flew open. After he had gently placed his son´s head onto the ground, he took up his sword once more. Tinár blinked. Where had the healer got his weapon from this quickly?

Tinár and Threlan took a defensive position at the edge of the clearing while Elrond´s kept standing next to his son. The hoof-beats had nearly reached the edge of the clearing.

Tinár narrowed his eyes. This could be no orcs, yet there were so many other dangers abroad that he tightened his hold on his sword. Whatever was coming their way would find them in a very vulnerable position.

When the first rider broke through the underbrush, Tinár let out a cry of surprise.


To be continued……….


Chapter 7:  Continuing on

Elrond narrowed his eyes when the first rider broke through the brush. He would have recognized this elf among thousands and not only because of his unique hair color.

Celeborn, Lord of the Golden Wood, was galloping into the clearing. Elrond´s eyes widened however when he espied his mother-in-law just behind her husband followed by an entourage of six warriors as well as an elf driving a large wagon.

Elrond kept standing next to his injured son, yet bowed when the royal couple was dismounting. Even if both wore travel clothing, they looked magnificent. Celeborn had a silver lined tunic over black leggings while Galadriel wore — as always — a bright white tunic over leggings the same color. 

The six warriors fanned out at once and joined their comrades from Imladris in the trees.

The elf driving the wagon stopped and only now, Elrond recognized him as Haldir, foster son of Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel.

Celeborn instantly walked toward Elrond while his gaze analytically scanned the sleeping boy on the ground. Galadriel joined Haldir at the wagon and gave her instructions.

“A star shines on the occasion of our meeting,“ Celeborn said placing a hand over his heart.

“It has been too long, Elrond Peredhel, even if I had wished for happier circumstances.”

“Well met, Celeborn, the same applies to me. Even if my heart rejoices in seeing you, I wonder how you discovered our dire situation.”

The Elf lord's gaze became suddenly piercing, and Elrond held his breath.

“Let´s say we received a sign and deemed it necessary to come to your aid even if thou hast not called for it, Eärendilion.”

The slight reprimand of the Lady of light didn´t go unnoticed by the Lord of Imladris but now was not the time to discuss this. Elrond stored the information how the couple was informed to bring help, away for later. This was a story he wanted to hear.

While Galadriel was kneeling beside Elrohir, Haldir came over and greeted the Elf-lord.

“Well met, Master Elrond. We have brought rescue equipment and other supplies we deemed helpful. It´s all ready for your disposal.”

“Thank you, Haldir. I´m glad for the additional equipment. Elrohir´s report about the state of his brother and Glorfindel sounded grave, and an extra pair of hands are very welcome.”

Celeborn nodded and greeted Tinár.

Galadriel looked up.

“And you will need them. I will stay here with Elrohir. My husband and Haldir will continue with you.”

This was a statement and not a bidding. Elrond looked momentarily irritated; however, he was glad for the unexpected support. He had already wondered how he have managed to come to his other son´s and Glorfindel´s aid with an already injured child to care for.

Seeing the lines on the Half-elf´s face, Celeborn placed a comforting hand on the healer´s shoulder.

“We are here to help, son. Elrohir is in the best of hands, and you have your head free to accomplish the rescue mission.”

Elrond took a deep breath.

“You are right, forgive my reticence. I´m glad I can leave Elrohir in your capable hands, my lady,” he said with an incline of his head toward the Lady of light.

“However, we should continue. It´s already been four days since the incident.”

Celeborn nodded, and with Haldir, he went toward the wagon to store what things he deemed necessary on two further packhorses. With the three laden mounts from Imladris, they possessed a decent number of required items hopefully sufficient to bring quick aid.

Elrond knelt beside his son one last time and placed a hand on his brow and one on his chest. The child fared well according to expectations. He nonetheless poured healing energy into the little body and sent his son into a further healing sleep.

It did not sit well with him to leave his injured child behind, but with the appearance of the Lothlórien elves, the situation was much more acceptable now.

Elrond rose and started when he felt Galadriel´s breath right next to his ear.

“I will take good care of your son, Elrond. Go now and bring back your other son and this infuriating elf you call your counselor. Don´t worry about us, in the meantime; I will be busy to placate my furious daughter.”

Elrond whirled around and noticed a reprimand, but when he looked into the ice blue eyes of his mother-in-law, he only saw concern and understanding. Marginally he relaxed.

“Thank you,” he said and turned toward the waiting elves of Lothlórien and Tinár, which were already mounted.

With a last look at his son, the Elf-lord spurred his stallion onward closely followed by Celeborn, Tinár, and Haldir.




Glorfindel woke with a start. First, he did not know what had lured him from his semi-conscious state. It was a sound, or better the total lack of a sound.

He lifted his head, and even this small movement sent pain coursing down his spine, although only as far as to his hips – from there down, he still had no feeling.

His eyes widened when he espied the elfling. The boy was lying right next to him, yet he was not moving nor made a sound. Glorfindel was not even sure if he was still breathing.


His voice sounded scratchy, and only now he registered his clothes were wet, the underground he was lying on, muddy. It must have rained, while he had slept – or was he unconscious? A weird dream was lingering at the edge of his subconscious; however, try as he might he could not grab the shreds. Why was he feeling so weak – even more so than the last time he remembered.

“Elladan?” he called again, this time more loudly.

Again, no reaction. Glorfindel lifted his hand and reached out to the boy. He could touch the boys head and pat over the wet hair.

“Elladan? Answer me child.”

His heart begun to pound quicker. Why was the child not reacting? He could feel he was still alive, his fëa responding, yet something was wrong nonetheless.

He nearly laughed aloud. All was wrong: they had been swept down a mountain by an avalanche, barely gotten stuck on a small ledge, both had been injured, and he was not able to do anything to improve their situation.

The twice born warrior had lost track of time. When had he last talked to the child? Yesterday? Two days past? Only now, he recognized how thirsty and hungry he was. How must the child be faring?

“Elladan?” His voice now carrying panic.

This would not work. He laid back his head and took a deep breath. Fortunately, his groping hand managed to grab the child´s cold fingers. He squeezed them gently and closed his eyes.




Elladan woke up shivering. He opened his eyes and blinked. Dark and heavy clouds nearly reached the ledge he was cowering on. His stomach rumbled, and he felt incredibly thirsty.

Lifting his head, he looked around and noticed the place where Glorfindel had been lying was empty.

Springing to his feet, Elladan looked back and forth down the small path – no sign of the elf.

Elladan swallowed and his under lip began to quiver. Had Glorfindel left him alone?

Walking a few steps to his right, he searched before he did the same to his left and returned to where he started.

“Glorfindel?” he called out.

He listened carefully, but all he could hear was the ever-howling wind.

“Glorfindel?” he tried again, this time louder.

Tears began to form in his eyes. He looked up. Glorfindel would have never left him…would he?

With an angry swipe of his sleeve, he wiped the tears away. He was no baby after all.

Maybe Glorfindel had recovered and was now seeking help?

Again, he looked up, but his gaze could not pierce the deep hanging clouds. Maybe he should climb and show Glorfindel the way back?


The elfling whirled around. In his surprise, he nearly stepped over the edge, but weirdly some unseen force pushed him gently back toward the cliff wall.

The warrior was standing on the brink of the cliff dressed in a blinding white tunic and cream-colored leggings.

Elladan blinked – his beloved mentor seemed no longer injured.

“Come, child, let us leave this mountain.”

The elf´s voice sounded strange; however, Elladan was glad he was no longer alone.

“Glorfindel!” he cried running into the outstretched arms of the warrior.

“You have recovered, you can walk, how is this possible?” Elladan pressed his face into the belly of the elf.

Glorfindel patted the elfling´s hair.

“You can also walk, right? Come let us leave now.”

Elladan took a step back. Glorfindel was right. His leg was no longer hurting, in fact, all seemed in best order. With round eyes, he looked again up and into blue eyes.


“No more questions, Elrondion. Come, Asfaloth is waiting for us.”

Before Elladan had a chance to retort something, the elf had turned and already vanished around a bend.

Elladan started running after the warrior suddenly afraid he could vanish again. As soon as he had rounded the bend, he nearly bumped into the hind legs of the great white horse.

“Ah, what…?”

Again, before he could utter a word a large hand was grabbing his collar and a second later, he was sitting in front of the elf.

Glorfindel placed a hand on his forehead.

“And now still your mind, elfling. We must be on our way.”

Elladan swallowed and looked on in wonder when the great horse took one step, and before he knew it, the dreaded mountain trail was vanishing. Instead, they were galloping over a sunlit meadow, birds chirping all around.

Elladan stretched his hand in the air and cheered.

“Noro lim, Asfaloth. Noro lim!”

Glorfindel smiled.

That´s right elfling, enjoy your ride, the golden-haired warrior thought.





Celeborn looked up when he felt his wife sitting next to him stiffen. Something had changed in the atmosphere and according to his wife´s reaction; she had perceived it also.

Slowly, Celeborn stood and walked to the edge of their talan. It was late afternoon, and the sun had already started its descent.

The forest floor was dappled in golden specks from the sunlight finding its way to the ground. It was a pleasantly warm evening, but suddenly the temperature dropped.

Celeborn took a deep breath. This indicated nothing good.

No sooner, had he directed his gaze into the distance he could hear hoof beats. Galadriel now standing beside him had closed her eyes.

Celeborn raised an eyebrow. No rider or guest had been announced, and the guards would not have let someone unwanted cross the borders.

Standing like a statue, Celeborn readied himself for whatever was coming their way. Even if the sun was still shining, the dropped temperature made him shudder.

It did not take long, and the Lord of the Golden Wood could make out an enormous white horse coming swiftly closer. He narrowed his eyes. He could recognize the rider under thousands: Glorfindel!

Only now, Celeborn could see a child was sitting in front of the warrior. Gasping, he could tell the elfling was one of his grandsons. Which twin he could not yet tell.

Before he had fully figured out what the meaning of this encounter was, his wife turned and was already descending the steps.

`Glorfindel and Elladan need our help, beloved.`

Celeborn sighed. Of course, Galadriel already knew much more – but she was a ring bearer after all. Swiftly he followed his wife.

Just when he arrived at the base of the enormous mallorn, the rider had reached the clearing. The scene appeared harmless, peaceful with the elfling waving at them, yet at the same time strange, out of place.

The stiff posture of his wife and her blank expression spoke volumes.

Only now, Celeborn recognized the horse and the two riders wavered as if looking at them through a fine veil or intense heat. Even if the child was cheering at them, he could hear no sound.

He swallowed. What was the meaning of this?

´It´s an apparition of Glorfindel´s fëa`, Galadriel answered his unvoiced question.

Celeborn looked at his wife with a raised eyebrow.

“Something has happened to Glorfindel and the twins. There was an accident, and all three are injured. They need our help.”

Celeborn redirected his shocked gaze at the wavering figures. Accident? His grandsons and Glorfindel injured?

“Elrond is already on his way, but he will need our support.”

Before he could even utter this question, Galadriel had answered it and was now issuing orders at an approaching guard.

When Celeborn looked back where Glorfindel and Elladan had been a moment before, they had vanished.

“He has completed his goal. Come beloved; let us be on our way.”

Before Celeborn could move, Galadriel pressed a gentle kiss on her husband´s lips.

“I love you,” Galadriel breathed.

“I know.”




When Elladan awoke again, the rain had stopped, and the sun was already breaking through the clouds.

He crawled forward while gritting his teeth. The throbbing pain in his leg had become a constant companion. Even if he felt cold, his leg was on fire.

Glorfindel was lying as unmoving as before.

Carefully, Elladan grabbed the warrior´s hand and started. The fingers were icy cold and stiff.

The elfling leaned on top of the elf´s torso to look into his face.

The warrior´s eyes were closed, and the skin looked no longer gray but translucent. The young elfling could not make out one sign of life.

“Glorfindel no!” he cried.

“You must not die. Help is on the way. Ada and Grandma are coming. Please, Glorfindel, hang on, don´t give up. They will be here shortly. Please I…I…”

Elladan was blinded by the tears rolling down his face. Frantically he shook the elf but got no reaction again.

Helplessly he looked up the cliff face. He slumped back on his beloved mentor´s chest sobbing uncontrollably.

Now he was alone – truly alone.

To be continued…






Chapter 8:  get off the mountain and changing plans

Elrond held up his hand and the three elves riding in single file behind him stopped their mounts by soft commands. At some distance, the guards were covering their rear making sure nothing would sneak up on them from behind.

Tinár riding right behind his senior healer craned his neck to see the reason for the sudden halt.

Instantly he stiffened.

In front of Master Elrond just around a bend was a crouching mountain lion swishing his tail and barring his teeth.

Elrond put forth much effort to still his skittish mount. The lion was ready to pounce. Celeborn had come alongside of Tinár, taking a deep breath when he espied the irritated wild beast.

Just what they needed. A further delay.

The mountain trail was much too narrow to forego the animal. Celeborn tried to look past the lion. Normally mountain lions were very shy and avoided any contact. Why was this one so upset?

`Maybe it´s a mother protecting her pups?´ Tinár said softly not to irritate the beast further.

`Or defending some prey.` Elrond mused while carefully dismounting.

“Elrond, be careful……..” Celeborn had no chance to finish his sentence.

Just when the Half-elf´s feet had touched the ground, the lion pounced knocking the dark-haired elf to the ground. Elrond´s mount reared up and crashed one hoof of a hind-leg into the lion´s back.

Howling with pain the beast let go of the healer and while tunnelling Tinár´s and Celeborn´s horse gained his refuge in running.

Haldir were just able to manoeuvre his horse out of the way when the lion flew past him taking flight.

“Let me see,” Celeborn said while kneeling beside his son-in-law.

Elrond was just sitting up and grimaced while holding his upper arm.

“It´s nothing,” the healer ground out between gritted teeth. He tried to rise.

“Keep sitting, Earendilion and let me see.” Elrond looked up irritated at the stern tone.

“How will you proceed with this arm?” Celeborn said already cutting away the sleeve of the tunic. A long deep scratch was running from the upper arm to the elbow.

Elrond sighed.

“We have to hurry, we are already there…..”

“Yes and if you stop complaining and let me bandage this than we will be on our way shortly.”

Celeborn nodded his thanks when Tinár was handing him a thick roll of bandage.

“I fear this needs stitching,” the younger healer said after inspecting the wound.

Celeborn looked up and nodded. Haldir was busy placating the still skittish mounts. He manoeuvred them out of the way.

“Yes, but for now I will tightly wrap it until I have more space to work.”

“I´m a healer too, you know,” Elrond growled. “And I say this is enough.”

Celeborn finished his wrapping with a tight knot.

“I have treated more wounds on the battlefields of this world than you will ever see, my son. We will address this when I deem it necessary.”

Celeborn stretched out his hand after rising himself and carefully hoisted the Half-elf to his feet. Tinár narrowed his eyes when the healer rested his forehead for a minute at the flank of his horse.

“Elrond, are you alright,” he asked with concern.

“We are near but I can barely reach Elladan and he is not responding. Something is very wrong. Can we be on our way now?” The eyes of the Half-elf were blazing and Tinár nodded.

The Master healer mounted but Tinár wowed by all the urgency he would have a close eye on his Lord.

Instantly the four elves resumed their way.





Not half an hour later Elrond again stopped the procession by holding up his hand. Tinár closed up to look past the healer and gasped.

Just in front of them lay the dead body of a great white horse. Instantly Tinár knew that this could only be Asfaloth.

“By the Valar…..” the young healer muttered.

Now he remembered that Elrohir had told them that Asfaloth was dead but no one had really listened in the urgency to help the child. Now the words had become sadly true just before their eyes.

Elrond was dismounting and slowly nearing the dead horse.

“Now we know what the lion was defending,” Celeborn said and Tinár swallowed. He clearly saw the bite wounds on the horse´s flank. However, the lion must not have had much time. They had disturbed him early.

Haldir had come up to them.

“An avalanche must have come down on them and……” the March warden pointed upwards but stopped when Elrond knelt down and looked over the rim.

“Elladan, Glorfindel?, he cried loudly.

Tinár swallowed.

When an avalanche had killed the horse and swept the younger twin and Glorfindel down the cliff….his eyes widened at the implications.

“Elladan, it´s Ada, I´m here, answer me child. Glorfindel…?” Elrond called again but just like before only silence was the answer.

“Hold me,” Celeborn said and Haldir had just a second to grab his Lord´s waist belt before the silver-haired elf bend forward to have a better look.

“I can see a ledge half way down and if I´m not very much mistaken I can make out two…..bodies.”

When he got no response, he looked sideways at the healer. He placed a comforting hand on his son´s-in-law´s arm.

“Your bond with Elladan is intakt and Glorfindel would not dare to sneak from this world. We will get them up. I promise you.”

Elrond nodded and both elves crouched back on their heels.

“I will go down with Tinár……, Elrond begun.

“……and I will come with you,” Celeborn interrupted the healer´s words.”

Elrond looked at the father of his wife intently, absently rubbing his upper arm.

“No Celeborn. In all likelihood, Elladan and Glorfindel are injured. I will need Tinár´s assistance and then two strong pair of hands to hoist us up. I need you up here to come up with some sort of a litter we can use to pull at least Glorfindel up. Elladan I will carry on my back.”

Celeborn nodded, his mind already working on a plan to get the two injured back up into safety.

“What about your arm?” Tinár asked.

He already prepared himself for an angry retort but Elrond only took a deep breath.

“It has already stopped bleeding and I will not put too much strain on it.”

With that, the healer turned and already grabbed the rope Haldir had secured on a boulder.

“Oh yes, while going down a mountain and pulling up you will not put strain on that arm, sure…” Tinár muttered.

“Have you said anything, Tinár?” Celeborn asked.

The younger healer only scowled. Like Elrond, he had shouldered a big bag with all utensils they deemed necessary. He grabbed the second rope.

“Let us go down there and then I will stitch this wound and when Lord Námo personally is sitting there!”

Despite the graveness of the situation, Celeborn had to smile.




“What is the meaning of this commotion in the crack of dawn?” Erestor asked a servant hasting by.

The servant stopped only briefly shrugging his shoulders and was quickly out the front door.

Erestor narrowed his eyes.

The administrator of the Last Homely House was an early riser but this activity was unusual. He had now seen the third kitchen servant hastening down the hall and hurriedly leaving into the courtyard.

Had he missed something?

He followed the staff member out the door and stopped in his steps as soon as he had left the house.

Lady Celebrían was standing next to her horse checking some bags already tethered to the back of the mare. Four guards and two further pack-horses were waiting dutifully.

Erestor raised an eyebrow.

He had not been aware that the first lady had planned to leave the valley. And surely, he had not been informed.

He cleared his throat die gain the she-elf´s attention.

“All is prepared, Erestor. I´m ready to leave.”

The wife of Lord Elrond had whirled around before Erestor had been able to say a word.

“This I can see, my Lady. And you wanted to tell me about this when?” he asked in a careful neutral tone.

Her eyes were blazing.

“I do not need your permission and you will surely not stop me,” she answered her tone irritated.

Erestor made a step forward his eyes never missing eye contact with his Lady.

“Of course you need no permission, my Lady, but my last impression was that your husband wished for you to stay home and keep contact. We should be prepared when he returns.”

She took also a step toward the councillor. She spoke softly only for him to hear.

“My dear husband has shut me out, so much for keeping contact. But I have my own bonds with my children and know that Elrohir needs me now.”

Erestor blinked.

Some dispute further than the one at the departure of the healer must have taken place. He did not have to be a mind reader to imagine what had happened. Yet, too much pieces of the puzzle were missing for him to piece the picture together.

Why did she only speak Elrohir, what about Elladan? Her words made only partially sense. He knew he had to act quickly.

“My Lady, I understand your motives but please will you rethink your plans? Four guards are much too less to guarantee for your safety.”

Again, the First Lady whirled around.

“My children need me now, Erestor. I will go alone if necessary.”

Erestor took a deep breath.

“No you will not. I´m responsible for your safety, Celebrían and I will be dammed to let you leave with such poor preparations.”

Anger was rolling in waves from the she-elf. Erestor could see her bristling. He readied himsef for a fight.

“How dare you…..,, Celebrían begun but stopped suddenly. She closed her eyes and listened. After long minutes she opened them again Erestor was surprised to see tears glistering. He was sure that some sort of communication has taken place.

“Erestor, I´m sorry. I know you mean well but I have to go to my children. They need their father to heal their injuries, yes, but they also need their mother. Some hurts can be healed only with a kiss.”

Erestor blew out his breath. Now she had done it – broken through his resistance.

“My Lady give me three hours and I will prepare all necessary for you to travel to your children´s aid and arrive there alive.”

The reprimand did not go unnoticed by the daughter of Galadriel, nonetheless she nodded her consent.

“Thank you Erestor, but please make hast.”

“I will my Lady. Latest at noon we will be on our way.”

“We?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

Erestor sighed.

“Yes we. I make sure that you will arrive alive and I will avoid your husband´s wrath that would descend upon me would I let go you alone.”

With that, the councillor turned and heeded back into the house to make his preparations.




The uncounted time Galadriel wiped her grand-son´s forehead. The boy was glowing with fever. All remedies she could think off she had tried but Elrohir did not respond. At the contrary, his wounds seemed more inflamed, his fever had risen and even the burn marks on his leg seemed more angry.

Absentmindedly caressing Elrohir´s black hair, the Lady of Light directed her gaze into the distance. She assumed that the boy´s condition did not only come from his bodily hurts. She knew that the twins were very close and when separated they were linked through their bond on an emotional level only few could comprehend.

Likely Elladan was hurt too and Elrohir would feel it as keenly as his brother – not really conductive to his own health, but this was their nature.

Additionally Elrohir was missing his parents. Even if Galadriel did have powers to reach and heal a wounded soul, a parent´s touch even she could not replace. Her son-in law had this magnificent gift to send healing power with a simple caress. Her grandsons had often told her that only a caress from Ada had made them better.

And, of course the twins did miss their mother. As excited they had been to be on this trip, they were still very small elflings, which did now show very obvious. A mother´s touch Galadriel could also not provide. She could only act in their stead.

It was paramount that at least one parent should be here with their wounded son and so Galadriel had consented with her daughter to make the journey. Elrond would not be happy and Galadriel knew about the already brewing conflict but the welfare of the children was more important as any quarrel. She would make sure of that.

Galadriel started when Elrohir let out a keening wail. The child´s upper body came up and frightened eyes looked at her uncomprehendingly.

“ADA, NANA" was all he cried before his little body slumped back on the pallet.

Galadriel checked for a pulse and took a deep breath when she found one but recognized that the boy was now unconscious.

Extending her senses outward Galdriel tracked the guards and when she was sure that no evil was lurking she place her right hand lightly over the child´s heart. Centring her thoughts, she called forth the power of the Ring.

A soft glow enveloped the child and wrapped the little body like a cocoon. Time seemed frozen.

`Hurry Celebrían, hurry Elrond´ Galadriel thought before she rested her head next to the child´s.

To be continued………………………






Chapter 9: A difficult endeavor

While Elrond carefully climbed down the rope, he shuddered inwardly when he saw the sharp jutting rocks and the rough surface. It was a wonder anyone had survived this fall at all. Carefully the elf-lord rechecked his bond with Elladan. The connection was weak like before, yet the child was alive. The healer regretted he could not reach Glorfindel in the same way.

As much as he wanted to fly down the cliff, he had to restrain himself. Tumbling into the abyss due to a thoughtless step or acquiring another injury would not help matters. His arm was already paining him much, and the cut felt as if it was on fire. He grimaced as if he had expected otherwise.

Elrond’s heart pounded in his chest when he tried to imagine how Elladan and Glorfindel were swept down this steep incline. Nothing but bare, cold rock with no means to stop the descend and yet a small ledge had been there to save their lives.

He risked a quick glance upward. Tinár — not two feet above him — fared well. He avoided looking down. Elves were free from giddiness, yet he always had disliked heights. It could not be far now. Elrond closed his eyes when another small avalanche of pebbles rained down on him.

Suddenly a sharp pain emanated from the cut in his arm, and he opened his fingers reflexively. Surprised and shocked he slithered down the rope a good deal until his feet hit the ledge. He dropped to his knees with a grunt.

Celeborn´s voice held a hint of panic.

“Elrond, are you alright?”

Hearing the worry in his father-in-law´s voice, the healer took a deep breath.

“I am alright. Nothing happened,” he called back while coming to his feet and dusting off his pants. A loud snort was his only answer. Huffing irritably, he knew he had to deal with this damn wound sooner or later.

The dark-haired elf looked up.

“Tinár it is not far now, you are almost there,” he called. The younger healer nodded and quickly finished the last steps. Elrond waited until Tinár had reached the ledge.

Elrond gathered his bag and turned before the young healer had a chance to say anything. Knowing what Tinár wanted to say, he briskly ignored the critical look of his colleague.

As he rounded a bend, he quickened his steps. Just ten feet away he espied Glorfindel and Elladan. The golden-haired warrior was laying on his back and the elfling in the crook of his arm — neither was moving.

Elrond frowned, they must have heard the commotion and shouts they had made.

His heart went out to his child. He could well imagine how afraid the boy must have been. First the shock of the fall, then sitting here several days and nights injured and with no one to make him better. By the look of Glorfindel, he had not been able to comfort the child which caused Elrond to worry, even more; he knew how much his friend cared for his children and would not just let them suffer.

While walking forward, Elrond directed a wary glance toward the abyss. There was not much room for working. Dropping his bag, he knelt next to the injured elves. Tinár close behind did the same and was already rummaging through their bags.

“Elladan?” he called softly while reaching out to the child. To his dismay, he had noticed the blood stains on the right pant-leg of the elfling.

Elrond felt for a pulse, and although he knew it was there, he let out a breath of relief when he found one, albeit a bit quick but that was to be expected. What troubled him more was the lack of response.

“Elladan?” he called again.

Caressing the elfling´s cheek, Elrond tapped lightly with his index finger. Feeling that the boy was slowly coming around, he mentally repeated his call.

Guiding his son´s fëa from the depth of unconsciousness, the boy began to stir. Elrond removed his fingers and placed them on Glorfindel´s neck.

The warrior´s complexion worried him immensely. The skin looked gray and felt cold to the touch, and he could barely feel a pulse. A weak and faint pounding was the only evidence that the warrior still lived.

With his concentration still on his son, he was already pouring healing energy into the still body of his friend.

“Ada?” Elladan was just opening his eyes. After blinking, he focused on the familiar face.

Elrond smiled and concealed the worry in his eyes.

“I am here, my son. You must not be afraid. We are here now to help you. See, there is Tinár.”

The healer leaned over Elrond´s shoulder and waved at the elfling.

“Well met, Elrondion,” he said smiling for the benefit of the boy. The ledge was too small to kneel beside the older healer.

Before Elrond could react, Elladan tried to raise up but instantly fell back with a cry. Elrond, partly still focused on the warrior, quickly placed a restraining hand on his son´s shoulder

“Shhh, Elladan do not move. I will just have a look at your leg.”

Placing the palm of his hand on the boy´s forehead, the elfling stilled somewhat as silent tears cascaded down the round cheeks.

“Here,” Tinár said and handed the healer a small sharp knife. The younger healer directed a critical look at the warrior. He refrained from commenting however not wanting to upset the boy further.

Nodding his thanks, Elrond carefully cut away the pants. The revealed leg looked swollen and inflamed. Elrond felt along the limb and detected a break just at the middle of the shin. Gratefully no bone had penetrated the skin. Nonetheless, sinews and ligaments were damaged enough to cause much pain not to mention the break itself.

Elrond moved back a bit, but his feet went dangling over the chasm. He grimaced and looked to his right irritated.

“I will take him, my lord, so you will have space to work on Glorfindel,” Tinar offered.

He saw the conflict of the Master healer. He wanted to care for his son, yet Glorfindel was in a much worse shape and needed Elrond´s full attention.

“Ada, I want to go home, where is El?”

Huge tears were still streaming down the child´s face.

Elrond took a deep breath. He made a quick decision.

“Elladan, Tinár will make your leg better, and then we will be on our way home. Your brother is well and waiting for you.”

The elfling nodded, and Elrond carefully lifted the boy from the ground and handed him in the outstretched arms of the younger healer. Tinár had already spread a blanket on the ground and was now placing his small patient on it.

“Here we are, now let us look at how we can make your leg better, shall we?” Tinár kept his tone light.

Elladan nodded again. The tears had stopped, but he pressed his lips into a thin line. He had known the younger healer since his birth and trusted him readily. Nonetheless, his eyes never left his father. Tinár had placed the elfling such that he could always see his Ada.

After a last glance at his son, Elrond returned his attention back to the warrior.

“Glorfindel? he called while lightly patting the others cheek. Not expecting a reaction, he tried again.

“Glorfindel?” Concentrating on the warrior´s fëa, Elrond stopped his efforts when he recognized that the elf was deeply unconscious. This would cost him too much of his strength.

The healer began to examine his friend. To his surprise, he at first could not make out any injury. He noticed several cuts and bruises on the hands and arms and a bump on the forehead, but nothing that would warrant his friend’s condition. However, when he began cutting away the elf´s shirt, he frowned. — there were speckles of blood all over.

Elrond inhaled sharply when the shirt fell away. The whole right side of the upper torso was a massive black-blue bruise and swollen to the extent that was more than worrisome. Elrond betted that two — if not more ribs — were broken. And, if that was not bad enough, one of the ribs had punctured a lung. This would explain the blood blotches on the shirt.

Carefully, Elrond felt around the neck and was relieved to find no more breaks or damaged bones. Still, the deep unconsciousness troubled him. His injuries were severe but did not justify this total lack of response.

Briefly, Elrond remembered Glorfindel´s apparition at the clearing where the orcs had attack Elrohir. Maybe this action had cost the warrior too much energy?

Elrond wondered how long the warrior had been lying in this position. Calculation on the marks on the skin Elrond feared Glorfindel had not changed his position since the fall. This was untypical. Even severely injured patients tried to get into a more comfortable position. Glorfindel had not even tried to change anything. Feeling around more, Elrond felt something pointy and hard. Carefully pulling it out from under Glorfindel’s back he gasped when he realized it was a small sharp rock.

Elrond swallowed and briefly closed his eyes. This did not bode well at all. Placing his ear over the warrior´s torso, Elrond grimaced when he heard deep rattling noises on the one side and nothing on the other side: the lung was definitely damaged.

The Lord of Imladris looked up. Down here, he would not be able to achieve anything. They had to bring Glorfindel up to safer ground and in a more controlled area. Here with the non-existent room for working, the dirt and the inadequate supplies he could do nothing.

“Tinár, how are you progressing?”

“I am finished, my lord. The leg is stabilized and bandaged, and I have given him a bit of the poppy juice for the pain. I have cleaned all cuts and applied ointment on the bruises.”

Elrond nodded in appreciation. He glanced at his drowsy son and then back at Glorfindel.

“I will take Elladan up and come back down with a litter. There is nothing more I can do down here. I wish for you to stay with Glorfindel.”

Tinár nodded. He knew to argue with his senior healer was futile, and they were running out of time. He could also take the elfling up, but he was aware that Elrond would not surrender his son. Nonetheless, he had to try again.

“Elrond, please let me have a look at your arm. I will at least re-bandage it and wrap a stronger hold.”

When the irritation of the healer grew Tinár quickly added:

“Elrond on the way down you nearly lost your hold. Another pain attack can happen anytime, and you do not wish to lose your hold in the middle of a cliff wall with your son on your back, right?”

The older healer briefly closed his eyes and blew out his breath. He nodded.

“You are right, but hurry.”

Tinár nodded relieved and quickly grabbed a bandage. Rolling up the other´s sleeve, he inhaled when he had cut away the soiled dressing. The cut was gaping open, the tissue around puffy and inflamed. He refrained from directing a significant look at the healer. Elrond was expert enough to know that this needed further treatment than bandaging.

Quickly and carefully, Tinár cleaned the dried blood and pus away before applying a very tight bandage around the upper arm. Elrond tested the result and nodded.

“Thank you. As soon as we are up there and all is settled, I will let you stitch it, all right?”

Tinár nodded.

“Please be careful nonetheless.”

Elrond looked upwards.


“Yes, Elrond?”

“I will come up with Elladan. Then I will take Glorfindel on a litter. He is critically injured and down here I cannot do much for him.”

“Understood. Call when you are ready.”

Elrond crouched down.

“Place Elladan on my back, please.”

Tinár bent down and scooped the boy into his arms, mindful not to bump the outstretched splinted leg. The pain-killer had apparently work. Elladan only grimaced.

Tinár placed the boy on the healer´s back. The elfling slung his arms around his father´s neck.

“Ada, I will fall,” Elladan suddenly shrieked in near panic.

Elrond took a deep breath and stopped his movements.

“Elladan, do not be afraid. I am here. I will not let you fall, do you hear me?”

The elfling sobbed even harder.

“Glorfindel said the same, and he could not hold me. He let me fall.”

Elrond turned his head to look into his son´s frightened eyes.

“Elladan, this was an accident. Glorfindel had no chance to hold his promise. This is planned. Listen, Tinár will secure you with a rope, and you have nothing other to do than to swing your arms around my neck. I will advance the cliff, and Daerada Celeborn is securing us from above. You see, nothing can happen. Uncle Haldir is also waiting for you up there.”

Elladan nodded reluctantly and buried his head in his father´s neck.

“That is right, Elladan. Hold as tight as you can,” Elrond instructed. Elladan nodded again and tightened his hold.

Tinár had already slung a rope around the healer´s middle, which Elrond was knotting in front of his breast. Another rope came around his hips securing the legs of the elfling and cushioned the rope with a blanket. He checked once more if the elfling was safe and the injured leg secured.

“All ready,” he said softly, and Elrond pulled on the rope.

“Up,” he called and instantly the rope went taut. Tinár stepped back to give the healer space to ascend.

Elrond just lifted his left foot and pressed his boot against the wall when he heard a choked cry.

Quickly he placed his food back on the safe ground and turned with dread.

Below the right foot of the young healer, part of the ledge was breaking away. The younger elf flailed his arms and tried to get back his balance. When he slithered over the rim he tried to grab anything but the shelf was smooth, no roots or juts he could grab.


Elrond had instantly dropped to his knees and reached out a hand, yet it was too late. The younger healer had already slithered over the edge. Elladan tightened his grip and was nearly choking his father. The elfling screamed in terror and pain when his leg bumped on the ground while his father tried to reach the falling elf. He was crawling forward on his hands and knees.




Celeborn fell back on his behind when the rope suddenly went slack. He looked up at Haldir standing right beside him with trepidation. At this moment, they heard Elrond´s panicked call after Tinár and the screaming of Elladan.

Haldir reached out a hand and hoisted his foster father up.

“By the Valar,” he breathed and stopped at the edge of the abyss. Celeborn swiftly followed.

“Elrond? Elrond what happened?” the Lord of the Golden wood called.

Both fair-haired elves waited for a response, but nothing came.

“Elrond?” Celeborn tried again this time louder.

Again, no answer.

The commotion they had heard had stopped, only the screaming of Elladan was drifting up.


“I will go down there,” Haldir announced. Not waiting for affirmation the younger elf grabbed the rope and swung over the brink.

“Inform me,” was all, Celeborn called after his son.

To be continued…





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