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Light on the Way  by Larner
On the death of the King Elessar and the Lady Arwen. Rated for character deaths and the treatment of bodies. A work in progress.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Preface0
Chapter  1: A Bell Tolls10
Chapter  2: Time of Honor6
Chapter  3: He Who Was as a Son6
Chapter  4: The Halls of Waiting3
Chapter  5: “In Whose Mighty Company”7
Chapter  6: A Reunion Long Awaited2
Chapter  7: The Queen's Grief5
Chapter  8: Leavetaking3
Chapter  9: Light Returned4
Chapter 10: Rejoice in your Daughter1
Chapter 11: Seeking the Presence1
Chapter 12: The Cost of Love11
Chapter Author's Notes: Author's Notes2

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