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Last Goodbyes Series  by perelleth
In Middle Earth, during the First and Second Ages, many goodbyes were said, intended, due or forsaken. Loss is a difficult feeling to cope with when you’re an elf with long life span and endless memory. But even the saddest moments can hold some spark of hope for those left behind. Series of short vignettes hinting at some well-known partings. COMPLETE!. The Gift of Men.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Under the Starlight1
Chapter  2: Upon the Hills of Hithlum1
Chapter  3: We'll meet again1
Chapter  4: Brotherly love0
Chapter  5: Five Finwions meet in the Highlands of Dorthonion, Winter, First Age 455, to settle a yearly contest2
Chapter  6: Father and Son, Take 10
Chapter  7: Father and Son, Take 21
Chapter  8: Under the mallorn tree.1
Chapter  9: Under the trees of Eryn Lasgalen1
Chapter 10: Pity, Take 11
Chapter 11: Pity. Take 21
Chapter 12: Beyond the circles of the world, take 10
Chapter 13: Beyond the circles of the world, take 23

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