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Droplets  by perelleth
Chapter Eighteen: "Good News" After Finrod's death Fingon writes a letter to Ereinion, being fostered at the Havens, telling how he met Gil-Galad's mother. This was going to be a long tale I'm not sure I'll ever finish, so I'm giving you the Epilogue
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: The Ring Goes West 14
Chapter  2: The Mirror of Galadriel12
Chapter  3: "In Vino Veritas" (Truth in Wine)12
Chapter  4: Advice from a tree9
Chapter  5: Refractions (from the Paradise of Elves)6
Chapter  6: Echoes7
Chapter  7: If it is punishment indeed12
Chapter  8: The Ring Goes East9
Chapter  9: Nor shall anything of my realm endure...8
Chapter 10: Not The Blade, But What It Defends10
Chapter 11: What If...4
Chapter 12: Soul Music5
Chapter 13: Night Oft Brings News...6
Chapter 14: Healing. (Who Heals the Healer?)11
Chapter 15: A Ring of Words5
Chapter 16: Not Even The Wise...6
Chapter 17: A Living Ring4
Chapter 18: Good News3

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