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Tād Edhel a Firion   by Fiondil
Traveling with Elves may prove hazardous to one's health, as Estel is about to find out, especially when one of those Elves is your adar! Mellon Chronicles 2007: 1st Place: Best Elrond-Estel Story
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Prologue3
Chapter  1: Rainy Days and Orithiliath8
Chapter  2: Misty Mountain High9
Chapter  3: Haven't Got Time for the Naeg7
Chapter  4: Orcs Get In Your Eyes5
Chapter  5: Bad Ithil Rising9
Chapter  6: Moon Over Rhosgobel9
Chapter  7: Into the Taur of No Return9
Chapter  8: Elven Roads (Take Me Home)7
Chapter  9: Meet Me In Thranduil's Stronghold9
Chapter 10: We're Off to See the Ithron4
Chapter 11: Have Yourself a Merry Little Penninor6
Chapter 12: A-Farad We Will Go6
Chapter 13: Dream a Little Dream of Arwen7
Chapter 14: A Hundred Bottles of Dorwinion On the Wall6
Chapter 15: Epilogue: Sweet Home Imladris17

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