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The Rider: Pestilence  by Branwyn
In March, AmandaK invited writers to participate in the Fanfic Tumble. In this challenge, several stories are circulated, with each writer adding a chapter. The story features Boromir and Eomund. The first and last chapters were written by me; Imaginigma, Nautika3, Jay of Lasgalen, Nierielraina, Juno Magic, and Linaewen contributed the other chapters. The other tales can be found at Fanfic Tumble.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Prologue0
Chapter  1: Chapter 1: by Branwyn2
Chapter  2: Chapter 2: by Imaginigma1
Chapter  3: Chapter 3: by Nautika31
Chapter  4: Chapter 4: by Jay of Lasgalen1
Chapter  5: Chapter 5: by Nierielraina0
Chapter  6: Chapter 6: by Juno Magic1
Chapter  7: Chapter 7: by Linaewen1
Chapter  8: Chapter 8: by Branwyn3

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