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In the Woods of Ossiriand  by perelleth
The Woods of Ossiriand were too crowded for Oropher’s liking during the last months of the War of Wrath. This is the tale of several fateful meetings that took place then. Chapter 11: "Till We Meet Again." Now complete.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Flight into the Forest10
Chapter  2: Following The Trail3
Chapter  3: New Acquaintances And Old Friendships3
Chapter  4: Friends or Foes?3
Chapter  5: A Last Stand?5
Chapter  6: Up the River Legolin3
Chapter  7: The Erchamion4
Chapter  8: Down The River Legolin5
Chapter  9: To the Ford.5
Chapter 10: Tainted By Light5
Chapter 11: Till We Meet Again5

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