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Between Green Door and Gold Ring  by Larner
To be a repository for Bilbo-centered stories set in the years before Frodo came to Hobbiton to become the heir to the Master of Bag End and the Hill.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Curses Fulfilled11
Chapter  2: A Useful Gift7
Chapter  3: Dancing the New Year In6
Chapter  4: Changing Views on Wisdom6
Chapter  5: A Mother's Day10
Chapter  6: Final Considerations5
Chapter  7: The Research Project5
Chapter  8: A Pretense at Civility6
Chapter  9: Planned Snack3
Chapter 10: A Favor Asked9
Chapter 11: A Father's Duty4
Chapter 12: Home from the Sea4
Chapter 13: Well Named3
Chapter 14: Scandal Overheard6
Chapter 15: A Last Gift to Mummy4
Chapter 16: Empty Handed2
Chapter 17: A Matter of Attraction4
Chapter 18: A Catch along the Brandywine2
Chapter 19: Overcoming his Reluctance3
Chapter 20: A Campaign Begun5
Chapter 21: Four for Bilbo!3
Chapter 22: Taken in Remembrance?4
Chapter 23: A Wizard's Blessing9
Chapter 24: Contrasts in Character2
Chapter 25: Time on One's Hands3
Chapter 26: Heirs in Waiting3

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