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Or Perchance, When the Last Little Star  by Larner
Lynessė of Pinnath Gelin's mother has ambition for her daughter, who after all is no longer a young girl. But will the silver gown be enough to attract the attention of a lord worthy of Lynessė? A tale that is continuing to grow in the telling to my consternation. A romance.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Mettarė Ball in Dol Amroth17
Chapter  2: Ride Interrupted14
Chapter  3: The Trial of Lord Tervain12
Chapter  4: A Proposal Considered10
Chapter  5: New Duties18
Chapter  6: A Question of Degree10
Chapter  7: An Embassy from Rhovanion16
Chapter  8: Interference10
Chapter  9: The Spring Tournament20

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