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Hope of a Star  by Mirach
A sequel to Gil-Estel. Eärendil watches the events of the War of the Ring, and the events after it. Some of them touch him more deeply then if would seem, and at the end - what is the hope of the Star of High Hope? orologi replica di lusso | imitazioni orologi | orologi falsi
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The burden of leadership3
Chapter  2: Green stone3
Chapter  3: Shadow and flame5
Chapter  4: Light and flame3
Chapter  5: Of birthdays and surprises1
Chapter  6: When all other lights go out4
Chapter  7: The threads of fate connecting4
Chapter  8: The winged crown5
Chapter  9: And night shall be loved2
Chapter 10: A hope fulfilled5
Chapter 11: Birthdays and surprises again4

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