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Starship  by shirebound
Like Frodo and Bilbo, Sam is honored as he travels to the Grey Havens... but by some unexpected folk. And like Frodo and Bilbo, Sam sails West... but in an unexpected way. An AU (but canon-possible) look at how the Last of the Ring-bearers might have left Middle-earth. A gentle tale, including quite a few special guests. EPILOGUE: Legolas and Gimli arrive in the West
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: One Fine Day On Tol Eressëa19
Chapter  2: Time in a Bottle18
Chapter  3: Remember Us26
Chapter  4: Aiya Eärendil Elenion Ancalima!19
Chapter  5: Here In My Arms17
Chapter  6: Gardens of the Heart14
Chapter  7: At Luncheon13
Chapter  8: The Most Famousest of the Hobbits17
Chapter  9: A Rose By Any Other Name17
Chapter 10: Journey's End19

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