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Six  by Antane
From the Great Tales August 2011 challenge to write a story in six words. I had a lot of fun here! No slash as always. (My apologies to all who are getting a slew of new chapter notices - I had no idea I wrote so many of these - they were quite addictive!) :)
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Recognition2
Chapter  2: Storm1
Chapter  3: Terror1
Chapter  4: A Little TLC1
Chapter  5: Guardian Angel1
Chapter  6: Holding On1
Chapter  7: Into the Light1
Chapter  8: Vow1
Chapter  9: Caress1
Chapter 10: Loss1
Chapter 11: Another Vow1
Chapter 12: Lullaby1
Chapter 13: Praise him with great praise!1
Chapter 14: Gratitude1
Chapter 15: Kindred Spirit1
Chapter 16: Rest1
Chapter 17: Dreams1
Chapter 18: Missing1
Chapter 19: Watching1
Chapter 20: Joy1
Chapter 21: Eating and Drinking1
Chapter 22: Welcome home4

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