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No Better Name  by Cairistiona
The second in the Rushlight Trilogy, which began unexpectedly with the Teitho story, “By Such a Foolish Name”. Bowen Rushlight brings home a Ranger in need and finds his ideas about Rangers tossed to the winds. Rated for references to the harsher aspects of Denlad's childhood, but nothing at all graphic.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Never Have I Nursed A Ranger19
Chapter  2: I Liked You Better As A Weepy-Eyed Lad of Nineteen14
Chapter  3: Strider Said Nothing14
Chapter  4: Valar Forbid Anyone Turn Down Your Oatmeal12
Chapter  5: A Ragtag Stray Like Strider17
Chapter  6: This One Was A Hawk And No Mistake14
Chapter  7: Hanging On So Delicate A Thread13
Chapter  8: Beating Carpets Was Probably Good For Him11
Chapter  9: It's Always The Brown Eyes I Remember...15
Chapter 10: Surely It Must Be Bad If Denlad Was Being Nice13
Chapter 11: There Could Be No Better Name13
Chapter 12: Rangers A'Plenty10
Chapter 13: Good and Ill Oft Travel The Same Roads22

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