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Elflings   by Bodkin


Celeborn, Elladan, Elrohir and Thranduil hung on in Middle Earth for about five hundred years, but then sailed to the Blessed Realm where they were reunited with their families and friends.

Eventually the lack of things to kill persuaded Elladan, Elrohir and Legolas to take some interest in less aggressive pursuits and they dived into the excitements of matrimony.  After some years, they produced elflings.

Whilst quite happy, the elves of Middle Earth grew a little bored in the general sedate order of Valinor, and the High King, Finarfin, with the agreement of all and sundry, offered them the chance to move further west, beyond the mountains, and set up their own realms in the virgin forest.

Eventually, just as things are settling down, Oropher, Thranduil's father, returns from the Halls of Mandos. 


Thranduil's wife and Legolas's mother has returned from the Halls of Mandos.  Her name is Laerwen.   They have recently had a daughter, Celumil.  Their realm is Taurevron.

Legolas married a Noldo.  Her name is Elerrina.   She is the daughter of Taryatur and his wife Linevende.   She has a married brother and a nephew - Camentur, Nisimalote and Surion.

Elrond, Celebrian and their sons moved west to a hilly land of abundant waterfalls descending into deciduous forest - which they have named Emyn Ovornen.

Elladan married an elleth who had grown up in Mirkwood and trained as a healer.  Her name is Miriwen. Miriwen's parents are Neldor and Lithiel.  She has a younger sister - Gildiniel.

Elrohir married an elleth who was born in the Blessed Realm, but whose parents came from Lothlorien.  She is Sirithiel.  Her parents are Erinion and Ethuliel.

Elladan and Miriwen were the first to have an elfling - who is named Elrin. They later had a second son Ellanthir.

Legolas and Elerrina were surprised to end up with twins - Eleniel and Galenthil.

Elrohir and Sirithiel finally had identical twin ellyth - Aewlin and Nimloth.

Ages: Elrin is about, in human equivalent years, two years younger than Surion, three years older than Eleniel and Galenthil and seven years older than Aewlin and Nimloth.

Celeborn and Galadriel moved further west - but their realm has not yet been given a name.


Hithien is a female warrior/bodyguard, who protects/nannies Eleniel and Galenthil.

Aelindor is a forester of Lasgalen, who made an appearance in Far Horizons.

Nadhras is one of Elrin's friends.  Nelladel and Olostariel are two ellyth of about the same age.

Domenion is a guard, formerly of Imladris.

Calion appeared in Far Horizons and has now wed Hithien.

Regdolin is a guard, formerly of Lasgalen, who leads a contingent of Thranduil's guard.

Amondil - a guard, captain of the Laerwen's guard.

I can't think of anyone else who appears here, but  will add others as and when they are mentioned.

Andatar and Andamil are Quenya-ish versions of Daeradar and Daernaneth.  Elerrina's parents wouldn't hear of being referred to by the Sindarin versions!


First age given is the human equivalent, the second is elven age.

Chapters 1 (end) and 2

Elrin     7/18         Galenthil/Eleniel  4/10        Aewlin/Nimloth  0/0

Chapter 3

Elrin     12/30       Galenthil/Eleniel  9/22        Aewlin/Nimloth   5/12

Chapter 4

Elrin     14/35       Galenthil/Eleniel  11/27       Aewlin/Nimloth   7/17

Chapter 5

Elrin     15/37       Galenthil/Eleniel  12/30       Aewlin/Nimloth   8/20

Chapter 6

Elrin      16/40      Galenthil/Eleniel  13/32       Aewlin/Nimloth   9/22

Chapter 7

Elrin      16/40      Galenthil/Eleniel  13/32       Aewlin/Nimloth   9/22

Chapter 8

Elrin      16/40      Galenthil/Eleniel  13/32       Aewlin/Nimloth   9/22     Ellanthir 0/0

Chapter 9

Elrin      17/42      Galenthil/Eleniel  14/34       Aewlin/Nimloth  10/24     Ellanthir 1/2   

Chapter 10

Elrin      17/43      Galenthil/Eleniel  14/35       Aewlin/Nimloth  10/25     Ellanthir 1/3

Chapter 11

Elrin   17/43   Galenthil/Eleniel  14/36  Aewlin/Nimloth 10/26  Ellanthir 1/3  Celumil 0/0

Chapter 12

Elrin   17/43   Galenthil/Eleniel  14/36  Aewlin/Nimloth  10/26 Ellanthir 1/3  Celumil 0/0


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