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This and That  by Lindelea

A sort-of sonnetlike poem--quest--thing thought up between the book I read recently, on explanation of poetic forms, and Piplover's challenge to form something from the letters "Welcome Home":

When weary trav'llers turn their faces home,
Expectant, looking forward e'en as they
Lament loss suffered while their feet did roam,
Comprising friendship, tears and dimming day--
O friend! Heart calls to heart as white ship sails;
May you find healing waits beyond the foam,
E'en as my heart within me falters, fails.

Hope beyond hope, you laboured to the end,
O'ercome at last, and forced this day to part!
My soul is torn in two--heart calls to heart--
E'en so, one day we two shall meet again.

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