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This and That  by Lindelea

Because GamgeeFest mentioned laughing layabouts in the LJ community Hobbit_Fluff, this began to prey on my mind.


Laughing Layabouts or "The Practical Joke"

‘What’s so funny?’ Merry wanted to know, but Estella could not answer for the giggles consuming her. Pippin was holding his stomach and laughing. When he turned to Ilberic, that hobbit simply howled and collapsed to the ground to join the other two, pointing a shaking finger.

He rubbed at an itch near one eye, and his finger came away black. ‘What...?’ he muttered, as the laughing intensified into hooting sounding rather like demented geese.

‘What...?’ he said.

‘Your face...!’ Pippin gasped, before going off again.

It was then Merry saw the soot around the eyepiece of the dwarvish spyglass.


(Partly inspired by dim memory of an episode of M*A*S*H, where Col. Potter brings down binoculars from his eyes, leaving racoon rings, and Radar falls down from laughing.)

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