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This and That  by Lindelea

Three Songs by Lindelea
Three songs, each sung in the depths of a dark night...

First published at Marigold's Challenge 22

Title: Three Songs
Rating: PG
Main Characters: Lotho Sackville-Baggins, Wormtongue, Frodo Baggins
Disclaimer: The characters arenít mine, but I sometimes sneak out with them for a cup of tea and a biscuit or two, or sit and watch them sleep.
Brief synopsis: Three songs, each sung in the depths of a dark night.
Challenge Starter: Lotho was probably still alive when the Travellers reached the Gate at the Bridge. What did he think about their return? Was his body ever found?

Waiting for the Dawn (Lotho's Song)

When I was small, and dreams were ill:
Heard evil stir in darkness still,
I'd cry aloud and she would come
Her footsteps whispering on the stone.
Enfolding me in loving arms,
She'd whisper, "Love, you're safe from harm."

And now I wait through darkest night,
In hope and dread of coming fight.
For knights in mail are coming here;
Each step they take is one step nearer.
I wish them luck; I bid them haste,
As quick as shadows candle-chased.

My time seems short as night draws on.
I wait, impatient for the dawn.
"They'll come in time," I tell my heart;
At every little sound I start...
Don't sleep! Don't sleep! the warnings ring
Within, and what will morning bring?

Grima's Song

There once was a hobbit named Lotho,
The son of a Shire-rat named Otho.
He was stabbed in the back,
And he made a nice snack...
And I buried his bones wrapped in cloth-O!

Frodo's Lament

The lonely shade that wanders the tunnels of Bag End...
I only called him "cousin"; I would have called him "friend".
But ever turned away his heart, the lust for gold had stolen him.
It led him in a shining vision to an end both dark and grim.
His body I would bury beneath the mallorn bright,
Where silver bark and golden leaves would echo his delight
In shining things, in radiance, with beauty all around;
And so I've written in my Will: if his body's ever found.

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