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This and That  by Lindelea

Written in response to a challenge by Golden, on the LOTR_GFIC list. It's definitely a challenge to formulate a story like this for a list with "GFIC" in the name.

Characters: Thain Peregrin (also known as Pippin) and Diamond
Rating: G (though it could be higher if you have the imagination)

'You've lost at forfeits, admit it! You've lost!'

'Rather hard knocks, for you to crow about it, ra-ther!'

'You have lost at forfeits, have you not?'

'But we were just... just... playing, were we not, dearest? Just a little game...'

'...of forfeits.'

*sigh* 'Forfeits.'

'Aha! So you admit it at last!'

'Very well, dearest Diamond, I admit it at last.'



'Well, what?'

'What is my forfeit to be?'

(to herself, but aloud) 'Shall I keep him on tenterhooks, for a time, or shall I tell him right out and get on with it?'

'Tell me right out, pray, do.'

'As you've lost at forfeits, you know very well you must do whatever I tell you to do.'

'Within reason.'

'What ever I say.'


'The rules of the game of forfeits...'

'You don't have to tell me the rules. You heard me crowing over Merry last week, on our last day in Buckland, didn't you? I thought I saw you smirking at tea...'

'Well, Merry did look awfully silly trying to balance a spoon on his nose in the great room with all those visitors from Bree sitting with us at the head table...'

*sigh* 'Very well. What must I do?'

'You're to tell Regi you're taking the day.'

'Taking the day...'

'Mmm-hmm, taking the day...'

'That doesn't sound so difficult...'

'Just you wait. You're taking the day, and Ferdi has Farry well in hand.'

'A good thing, too. Someone ought to have that lad well in hand.'

'...and we're hiding ourselves away in our quarters, and there are fresh linens on the bed, and I've sprinkled them with spices and scented waters...'

'This is beginning to sound interesting...'

'And I've given Sandy and the underservants the rest of the day off... for we're to be "off on a picnic," not at home to anyone, for any reason...'

'Are we?'

'In a manner of speaking, and...'

'A picnic! We haven't had a picnic for ever so long. But it's raining!'

'Cook's packed a hamper, a very large hamper, mind, with all my favourite foods... well, nearly all of them, anyhow, and it's waiting for us now on the rug before the fire.'

'And what is the menu to be?'

'You are, my darling. For starters, and the sweet course, and nibblings in between, I think.'

'Oh, my. Oh my, oh my.'


'I really ought to make a practice of losing at forfeits.'

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