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Birthday Drabbles and Suchlike  by annmarwalk

Legolas and Aragorn had traveled far together, and shared much: hunger and pain; songs and stories; bittersweet memories of the past, wistful longings for the future.

So if he chooses not to share this secret, then neither will I, thought Legolas. But when he spied a small flat stone, the ghostly image of an ancient fern-leaf embedded in the dark matrix, he knelt quickly and slipped it into his pack.

“Happy birthday, friend,” Aragorn’s eyes lit up, a sudden flash of boyish delight that warmed the heart. A small token, dear Estel, in earnest of what is yours by right.

For Cheryl - my first attempt at writing an elf! I still find it an intimidating prospect, even if one friend has actually described me as having as elvish soul, and urged me to "embrace my inner elvishness! Come into the light! "
Special thanks to silver_blue_phoenix for providing the spark that became the story.

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