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Birthday Drabbles and Suchlike  by annmarwalk

Birdsong (A birthday gift for AmandaK)

The gift was an impulse purchase from a street vendor in the Fifth Circle; and now, Boromir was trapped. He had little knowledge (and no interest, if truth be told) but Faramir was waiting, eyes aglow, for the one who excelled at all things to share this wondrous skill as well.

“I can show you.” Denethor lifted his son onto his lap. “Set your fingers, so, and blow through here – aha!” A short sweet trill, like birdsong; Faramir’s gasp of surprise; then delighted laughter.

“Show me again, ada,” and again and again, patiently, until Faramir could play the simple tune himself.

Just a snippet of memory, really, but one that Boromir kept tucked away, precious.

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