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Colors  by annmarwalk

Good For What Ails Ye (Red)

Winter travel took its toll in coughing and sniffling wanderers. It didn’t take a ranger to know what needed doing.

“Might there be coneys, or partridges, roundabouts?” Treasures simmering, Sam sought early greens, dandelion, wild onion. From deep within his pack, a parting gift from kitchen-friends at Rivendell: “Dried red peppers, garlic, spices, to hearten the weary. You’ll know when you need it. Farewell, fellow cook!”

Gasping surprise at the first spoonful – “Damn, what is this?”; appreciative belches at the last - “Well done, Sam!”

“Hot peppers in elvish cookery! Who would have thought?” Sam spoke wonderingly.

Legolas merely smiled.


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