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Twice Twenty  by Dreamflower

Title : Cloudwatching

Theme:  Set #1, Theme #1 “Under the Sky”

Genre (s): Fluff

Rating: G

Notes: Frodo is 26, Sam is 14, Merry 12 and Pippin 6 ( Ages 16 and a half, 8 and a half, 8 and 4 in Man years)

Summary: It’s a good way to spend a lazy afternoon…


They were sprawled in the thick daisy-strewn grass on the Hill atop Bag End. Frodo had Merry’s head tucked into the crook of his left arm, and Sam on his right. Little Pippin lay with his head pillowed on Merry’s round tummy, and his furry little feet propped on Frodo’s knees.

They were engaged in that age old pastime of lads everywhere, finding pictures in the clouds. Frodo was watching a particularly large billowy cloud. “It’s a ship,” he said, “an Elven ship, sailing across the Sundering Sea.”

Sam squinted. “That one looks like an Oliphaunt there!”

There was a moment of silence, and then Merry said, “Well, it’s not an Oliphaunt anymore, now the wind’s blown the trunk away--looks more like one of Cousin Bilbo’s trolls now.”

“Nuh-uh.” Pippin’s piping voice was firm.

“ ‘Nuh-uh’, Pip?” asked Frodo, amused. “What is it then?”

“Cakes! A big pile of lovely white cakes!” And his tummy gave a rumble for emphasis.


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