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Twice Twenty  by Dreamflower


Title: Through Shadows to the Edge of Night
Theme: Set #2, Theme #15, “Shadows”
Genre (s): General
Pairing (s): N/A
Rating: G
Notes: Inspired by a shot from the film, of the Fellowship walking along in silhouette.
Summary: The Company puts Caradhras behind them. (a drabble)


The Sun was westering, and in the east, peeking up behind the Misty Mountains, a few stars had begun to twinkle in the gloaming. Along a barren granite ridge, nine weary figures pick their way downhill, retracing their footsteps, now made futile by the fury of the mountain. Every stride is slow and labored, yet they trudge doggedly on, determined to leave their defeat by Caradhras behind them. None care to halt until they have come to a more hospitable place. Their shadows fall behind them, and on the cold grey rock, they are silhouetted against a slowly darkening sky.

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