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Rising to the Challenge  by annmarwalk

For the "Romance" Challenge. Imagine your favorite pair of lovers here!

Al Fresco

Bodyguards and chaperones a discreet distance away, the lovers (the betrothed, not yet lovers in actuality, but soon, oh, so soon) spread their picnic.

Oysters, plucked that very morning from the sea-bed, garnished with lemon from the princessís own garden. Carob-dipped candied ginger, smuggled expensively from far Harad, exploding like passion upon the tongue. Tart, juicy star-fruit. Dandelion wine, tasting of summer sunlight; apple cider, cool and crisply scented of autumn.

With warm damp cloths they laughingly cleanse each otherís faces, lingering to caress lips, cheeks, throats. Soon, but not soon enough, these sensual feasts will be enjoyed in privacy.


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