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Rising to the Challenge  by annmarwalk

Bad Example

Finduilas could hear her boys, giggling under the monkey-puzzle tree, and stopped to savor the moment: My beautiful sons. How soon you will be grown.

“Bollocks!” declaimed Boromir.
“Bufflehead!” exclaimed Faramir.
“Bugger-all!” roared Boromir.
“Bushtit!” chortled Faramir
“Bloody whoreson!” whooped Boromir.
“Blue-footed booby!” shrieked Faramir.

Boromir gasped. “You said ‘tit’! And ‘booby’! Everyone knows those are bad words! And Mother heard you!”

Faramir whirled around, panic-striken,. “I didn’t mean to!” He burst into tears. “Uncle said they were birds’ names!”

That Imrahil, Finduilas sighed, gathering Faramir into her arms as Boromir tried to look innocent, has much to answer for.

Author's note: Actually, they are all bird's names.

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