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Rising to the Challenge  by annmarwalk

Like Calls to Like (Thengel's Response)

Rubies do not suit her, nor ladylike pearls,
Though opals may, perhaps, reflect her inner fire.
Other men have sought to decorate her
With jewels, and garish  fripperies
While whispering their blandishments in her ear.

I am not as other men.

I'll braid three strands of butter-soft leather
Her life, and mine, and those of our children yet unborn.
Her wrist needs no further ornament
Nor pretty, pointless words to bind her heart.
She'll look within me, and know I am true
As grassland, earth, and sky, 'til world's ending.
As I am hers, so she shall be mine.

For the "Leather" challenge. Thengel's Response to Morwen's "Call of the Wild"

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