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Rising to the Challenge  by annmarwalk

Tea Party

Their eyes rake over her, head to toe; upraised goblets conceal their false smiles. A quirked eyebrow, a shrug, a whisper subtle knives, unfamiliar weapons assembled against her.

Yet Imrahil's lovely daughter stands by the window, eyes shining; surely there are some whose welcome is genuine? I am Steelsheen's granddaughter. I slew the witch-king. I can face a roomful of women, she thinks, and then the Queen's fingertips brush against hers.

Courage, for us both, the Evenstar murmurs with the quick flash of a smile. Heads held high, together they move forward to begin their conquest of the city.

Inspired by Lady Branwyn's Stirrup Cup (in a very off-the-wall kind of a way). For the "Cup" challenge.

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