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Rising to the Challenge  by annmarwalk


”It’s me!” shouted Sam as he trotted up. “Sam Gamgee! So don’t try prodding me, Nibs. Anyway, I’ve a mail-shirt on me.”

When I heard his voice, I went all weak in the knees, like. No-one knew what really had happened, him and Mr. Frodo disappearing and all; then he shows up, right as rain, fierce and valiant like those warriors of old!

I didn’t want him to see how rattled I was, so I teased him, just like always. Soon as the words were out I knew they were wrong, so confuzzled did he look, so I ran after him. “You look right fine, Sam! Take care, and come back straight as you’ve settled those ruffians!” And he did, my Sam.

For the "Weakness" challenge

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