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In The Service of The King  by Grey Wonderer

Several months ago I received an email from Marigold that had a few excellent Plot Bunnies in it.  She told me that the plot bunnies were from Pansy_Chubb and that if possible, Pansy would enjoy it if I were able to write a story based on one or two of them.  This story is the result of that request.  Pansy graciously gave me this wonderful plot bunny to write.  It has taken longer than I first had hoped to get this posted because real life has dealt those of us involved many a delay.  I would like to thank Marigold who sent Pansy's request to me and who also took the time to Beta this story.  She has done her usual amazing job on it and I am grateful to her.  Pansy, I hope you enjoy this one and I thank you for the Bunny.

Now, the disclaimer!   The characters and places in this story are not mine.  They are the creations of JRR Tolkien.  No money has been or will be made from this story.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy this one!

GW     09/12/2005


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