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Ten Thousand Years Will Not Suffice  by Agape4Gondor



In charge of the Rohirric garrison at the Mering Stream



Captain of Eilenach (beacon-hill)



People of the hills and forests of Drúadan; Wild Men



Dúinhir promoted to Captain of Rangers now deployed at HA; Damrod -soldier;



Denethor Captain of Amon Dîn; Amdir is Denethor's aide and first lieutenant;



Denethor makes a promise to Walda; Walda dies of wound fever after Orc ambush;



Unease between Rohan & Gondor; Easterlings in Denethor's company;



Denethor kidnapped by Wose; has fevered visions; Indis, Listöwel and Arciryas ride



to Amon Din for news; Thengel rides to the Drúadan to help in search with three



éoreds; Thorongil is Thengel's aide; helps heal Denethor; Thengel returns to Edoras;



Thorongil goes to Minas Tirith with Denethor at Thengel's urging;



Thorongil joins Ecthelion's army.






Denethor stationed at Dol Amroth; Denethor asks for Finduilas' hand; she says yes;



Thorongil becomes Captain of Ecthelion's personal guard.






Prince of Dol Amroth: son of Prince Angelimir; father of Finduilas



Princess of Dol Amroth; daughter of Prince Adrahil



Lord of Gondor; council member; wealthy



Lady of Gondor: Amandil's daughter



Amdir - Captain of Pelargir garrison; Thorongil sent to Dol Amroth to negotiate



Denethor's espousal to Finduilas; Denethor stationed at Cair Andros; sortie to



North Ithilien; ambushed by Easterlings; Denethor badly wounded; Rochallor killed:



Damrod - 2nd in command and aide to Denethor; saved Denethor's life



Denethor demoted to lieutenant for incompetence



North Ithilien ambush






Captain of Cair Andros



Marshal of the Rohirric garrison of Fenmarch



Banner-bearer of Éomund's company



Finduilas and Prince Adrahil arrive in Minas Tirith; Denethor sent with full battalion



to Cair Andros; Finds battle already won; Damrod, Denethor's aide;



Denethor travels to the Rohirric garrison at Fenmarch to procure horses; meets



Éomund; Ecthelion gives Thorongil the dirk of Denethor's grandmother;



Denethor promoted; Denethor marries Finduilas; Thorongil made



Captain of Pelargir; Amdir recalled from Pelargir; captains Amon Dîn;



Battle of Cair Andros






Theoden's wife; dies in childbirth



Born this year to Elfhild and Théoden



First son of Denethor and Finduilas



Walda's son; Marshal in Thengel's service



Arciryas promoted to Master Healer; Finduilas is pregnant; Elfhild,



Théoden's wife is pregnant with Théodred; Denethor sent to Cair Andros on sortie;



Thorongil returns to Minas Tirith and meets with Ecthelion; Boromir, Heir to the



Steward, is born; Amdir injured in battle; Damrod is Amdir's aide; Massacre at



Amon Dîn; Amdir relieved of his command; Thengel and Morwen visit Minas Tirith.



Massacre of Amon Dîn






Aide to Thorongil



Healer of the Houses of Healing



Thorongil wins Battle of Umbar; leaves Gondor; Amdir made Captain of Osgiliath;



Ciramir made Captain of Pelargir; Thengel dies; Théoden becomes King of Rohan;



Listöwel, Indis, Amdir, Arciryas and Denethor travel to Edoras for memorial and



Théoden's coronation; Mt. Orodruin erupts; Three earthquakes hit; Finduilas suffers;



Denethor returns to Minas Tirith; Firieth caregiver for Finduilas; Denethor takes



Finduilas to Dol Amroth; Adrahil sends Imrahil to Minas Tirith.



Battle of Umbar

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