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Tales of Life  by Aelaer

Now, there really is not much on the relationship of Aragorn and Arwen in everyday settings. We see them when they meet, when they wed, when Aragorn dies, and a couple other instances, but we really don't seem them together in everyday life. Since there is so little on it in the books, this could be considered fanon. But this is just my own interpretation of their everyday relationship with one another.

Not completely satisfied with the ending, but I hope you all enjoy it anyways :)

Prompt 15: Horses
Fic: The Horse of the Lady
Rating: G
Imladris, 3011 Third Age

"Are your eyes closed?"


"Good. Now keep them closed. No peeking!"

"Of course."

Arwen smiled, and gently she took her beloved's hands. She led the man out of her room, through the hallways, down the stairs, and all the way out of the Last Homely House. Aragorn let his beloved lead him, a small smile on his face. As they stepped out of the building, and he felt the soft grass on his feet, he asked, "Where are we going?"

"You shall see," she answered mysteriously.

They went through the area surrounding the Last Homely House. Arwen led him through the gardens and followed a wide path that went to the stables of Rivendell. She took him through the open doors, and was satisfied to see that his eyes were still closed.

Aragorn could smell and hear horses, and his curiosity grew; what in the world were they doing in the stables? He was led past a few horse stalls, until finally Arwen stopped in front of one. She turned him around to face one of the stalls, and then he finally heard her say, "All right. Open your eyes, Estel."

He opened them, and he saw before him a tall gelding in front of him. The horse was proud and strong, and obviously intelligent. He eyed Aragorn with cautious curiosity, still unsure if this strange man was friend or foe. Gently Aragorn raised a hand to the horse's ear, whispering in Sindarin. The horse immediately calmed down, and Aragorn started to scratch him behind the ear.

"He's beautiful," Aragorn murmured, moving his hand from the horse's ear to his forehead. The horse was now completely relaxed, and was glancing at Aragorn through half-lidded eyes.

"And he's yours," said Arwen with a smile. Aragorn turned abruptly to look at her, a surprised look on his face. "I heard about your last horse through my brothers," she explained, "and your birthday was but a month ago. Think this as but a birthday gift, if you wish," she ended with a smile.

Aragorn let his hand fall from the horse, and he took Arwen's hands in his. "Thank you, Arwen," he said, and looked once more at the horse. "He shall be named Roheryn, after my own beloved lady," he spoke, and then caught his love in a kiss.

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