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Tales of Life  by Aelaer

It's been over a month since I've updated this; I was very busy in July with my Shakespeare play, Comic Con, and preparing more for the arrival of my little sister. My muses also decided to take a vacation, and while they are still not back, I thought it was high time that I posted something again. My apologies for the delay.

Now, I hate writing fight scenes. I personally don't think I can write them to save my life. Thus, this is very good practice for me XD Anyways, good or bad, I hope you all enjoy. This is the first time in probably a year where I have written an actual battle, so I hope it's satisfactory. This one is also a bit over the limit of 500 words, but I had to get it all out :)

Note: Many fan fiction writers have taken that Halbarad is Aragorn's cousin, and while in LOTR he is only called a "kinsman", I also view him as a cousin and call him such. I don't think that's straying too far from book-canon :)

Prompt 17: Fight
Fic: An Average Day
Rating: PG
The Wilds of Eriador, 2955 TA

The large band of orcs trudged their way through the woods, slashing and hacking at all wildlife in their way. The old path had overgrown in the last dozen years; the Battle of the Five Armies had greatly depleted their numbers. However, within the last few years they have been growing in numbers and in strength unseen in a long time. Darkness was beginning to grow once more, and these creatures instinctively knew it. With this growth in darkness came a growth in their confidence, and now large bands of them were roaming the wilds of Eriador, causing death and destruction wherever they went.

However, the orcs knew that there were those who fought against them. Rumors of elves were spread among their ranks, and then there were these Rangers that were mortal, but were just as silent and deadly as the First-born. These orcs hated these elf-like men, and gladly killed any such men that came across their path.

This particular horde of these foul creatures were confident that none would attack them, however. They were a good four dozen, at the least, and they knew that these Rangers traveled in solitude or in small groups, and that they were far enough away from elven territory to not worry about them. They believed that they were free to do whatever they pleased.

They were wrong.

Of a sudden, there was a loud whistle, and suddenly arrows flew from the tops of the trees. The orcs shrieked in terror and in anger, and by the time that they even realized what was happening, already a good few had fallen. Just as a few of the quicker ones were drawing their weapons, men burst from the undergrowth, swords swinging and flashing.

Once Aragorn had seen the arrows fly, he had been quick to give a piercing whistle, which had summoned his men on the ground to leave their places and attack. They caught the orcs completely by surprise, which gave them the advantage that they needed to defeat this large band. While orcs weren't the most intelligent of creatures, they could be deadly in numbers, and unfortunately there simply weren't enough men for Aragorn to summon in time to help get rid of this group.

He leapt out of the brush and immediately decapitated an orc near him. He ducked as another swung for his head, but quickly recovered himself and stabbed the orc through the stomach. He pulled the blade out and did not bother to watch the creature die as he went onto his next foe.

All around him, men were fighting with these beasts. He glanced at his kinsman, Halbarad, who was currently fighting off three of the creatures. Slipping a blade from his boot into his hand, he aimed for the orc farthest away from his cousin, and threw. The small knife hit the orc in the back of the head, and within a second the creature was on the ground, dead.

Soon enough, the fight was over. Although the Rangers were outnumbered two to one, their surprise attack had greatly helped their cause, and all of their enemy was dead. Unfortunately there had been casualties, including two deaths; but this is to be expected. Rangers always lived in the knowledge that they may die any day.

After all of the orc carcasses had been disposed of, the wounded taken care for, and the dead Dúnedain buried, Halbarad came over to his young Chieftain, who was currently smoking his pipe, deep in thought.

"What thoughts keep you awake this night, Aragorn?" asked Halbarad as he sat down beside him.

Aragorn took a couple more puffs of his pipe before he answered. "Everything. Nothing. Everything and nothing," he said vaguely.

Halbarad grunted in response. "I was looking for something a bit clearer than that."

Aragorn shook his head. "I was just thinking about... today. About every day. For the last couple of years, this has been our normal way of life. We patrol, we fight, and sometimes, we see our companions die. I was just thinking about... how it would be if it were different."

Halbarad glanced at him and shrugged. "I've only been out here a few years myself, but to me, today was just an average day."

Aragorn nodded solemnly. "An average day. I wonder how it would be if this weren't the average day."

Halbarad shrugged once more. "Well, if Arnor were to change for the better, I would welcome it."

"As would I, Halbarad," said Aragorn quietly. "As would I."

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