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Tales of Life  by Aelaer

Merry Christmas, everyone! Decided this would be a good day to post another one.

This is another humorous prompt. The title has a bit of a double-meaning. No matter how great and lordly these two are, Aragorn and Arwen still had to suffer some problems when they had children, just like all parents do. Also, it just shows both of them in a more... human light, so to speak. It shows that they are certainly not perfect and have some doubts. And no, I did not even bother trying to stay within the word limit with this one xD

A side note: It is only mentioned that Aragorn and Arwen had "Eldarion and daughters", so I played with this vagueness in the prompt.

Prompt 28: Childproof
Fic: Terrible Twos
Rating: G
Early Fourth Age, Minas Tirith

Aragorn Elessar, King of the Reunited Kingdom, Lord of the West, the bearer of the Elessar, the Elfstone, the Envinyatar, the Renewer, etc, etc, truly and dearly loved his Queen. Those who saw the two together found that their immense love for one another was blatantly obvious; there were probably plenty of jealous wives who wished their own husbands showed that much love to them. Bards who saw them together drew inspiration for their long, romantic ballads from the passion that sparkled in the royal couple's eyes. In other words, no one could ever imagine the two ever getting frustrated with one another.

How wrong they were.

"Estel! Can't you hold Eldarion for a moment while I look for Eleniel?" Without waiting for an answer, Arwen put the wiggling two-year-old into her husband's arms.

"Eleniel is in the garden with her nannies!" He put his son on the ground. "I must go to a meeting soon. There is an emissary from Pelargir here to discuss some new shipping regulations-"

"Aragorn! Grab Eldarion!" Quickly turning around, he saw Eldarion was standing against a table, trying to grab at a small vase of flowers. He swiftly picked up the toddler, and when the king did not give into his son's demands to be put down, Eldarion started crying.

"Arwen! He's crying again!"

Arwen was already out of the room and going down a small, private flight of stairs, which led to more of their private rooms, and then into a garden. Aragorn followed her, annoyance quickly coming across his features. His son struggled to get out of his grip, wailing the whole time.

"Where are you going?" he called after her.

"I'm getting Eleniel! She should not be playing in our gardens without me! There are too many rose bushes there, and she may get hurt."

"Arwen, she has two nannies looking after her-"

"Something still may happen!"

"Arwen..." By this time Arwen had reached the gardens. Eldarion was still wailing, and Aragorn looked like he wanted to hit his head against the nearest wall.

"Suilad, Eleniel," Arwen said to her daughter with a smile, picking her up from off the grass about two feet away from the rose bushes. "You may go now," she said to the two nursemaids. "Come back tonight, after their supper."

"But-" Aragorn started.

"We'll see you tonight," Arwen said with a charming smile, touching Aragorn's arm with her free hand and gently leading him inside. The two nursemaids looked a bit befuddled by the royal couple, but they simply nodded, curtseyed, and left the gardens.

"Arwen, we need those nannies!" he said once they were back inside. "First you sent away Eldarion's nannies, and now hers! Who is going to help you take care of these two?"

"You are," she said, putting Eleniel down. The two-year-old girl happily explored her new surroundings, and immediately caught sight of the same vase that her brother had spotted. Seeing her intentions, Aragorn immediately blocked her way. Eldarion, seeing his sister was down, demanded to be let down once more. Finally admitting defeat, he let the boy join his sibling, but moved the vase to a higher shelf where the children could not reach it.

"What do you mean I will?" he asked, frowning. "I need to go to a meeting-"

"On shipping regulations?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. "Spending time with the twins is more important than that."

"It is not that I want to go-"

"But you'd rather be there than here?" she stated more than asked. "Oh, Eldarion, be careful!" She steered the child away from the fireplace, where flames were happily licking away at the air.

"No... it's just... ai, Eleniel, don't touch that!" He picked up the young girl, who was reaching for a knife left at the table from a late lunch he had finished eating just minutes ago. He sighed when Arwen shot him a look, but before he could explain himself, she interrupted him.

"You were gone on your diplomatic trip for months, Estel- you missed Eldarion's and Eleniel's second birthday when you were gone! And now that you are back, you are hardly here to see them. They need their father." Arwen sighed, picked up Eldarion, who was once more going to the fireplace, and all but plopped down onto the couch. "Eldarion did not even recognize you when you came back," she whispered.

Aragorn sighed, and sat down next to his wife, his little girl still in his arms. "I know," he said quietly. "It broke my heart." He sighed once more, and let Eleniel climb over to Arwen's lap. "I suppose I am just... afraid. Afraid that I will not be a good enough father for them. I know absolutely nothing about children, Arwen," he confessed. "There were none in Rivendell, and I did not spend much time with them in my long years of traveling."

"I do not know much, either," his wife said. "But we can learn together, Estel. However, you need to be here, with me, and with the twins."

The king sighed, but then nodded and smiled. "All right. I will do my best to spend more time with all of you. I'll start by telling Faramir that I will not be able to come to the meeting. It is truly not very important, and I am sure my steward can handle it." He smiled at his wife, and then looked down at his children, who were both on their mother's lap, laying peacefully against her. "I still cannot believe you had twins," he said, shaking his head. "Four generations of twins. Twice the trouble during their terrible twos." When Arwen gave him an inquisitive look, he explained, "Master Sam Gamgee's term. He said that it was a common expression among hobbits that when a child is around this age it is known as the 'terrible twos'."

"And we have two of them," Arwen said with a smile. "Well, we'll be able to make do."

"We should start by making this place completely childproof," he said with a chuckle. Arwen joined him, and the children, amused by their parent's laughter, started to laugh as well. This sent the royal couple into another bout of laughter, and set the mood for that afternoon, and many afternoons to come.

The four generations of twins are Eluréd and Elurín, who were brothers to Elwing. Elwing married Eärendil, and they had Elros and Elrond, also twins. Then Elrond had Elladan and Elrohir, and, here, Arwen has the twins Eldarion and his sister Eleniel. Heheh, all start with "El" as well... how amusing.

Now that I think about it, 'childproof' may be a modern day term along with 'terrible twos'. I'll just throw that in with the jargon Aragorn learned from hobbits ;P

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