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Tales of Life  by Aelaer

My laptop decided to die on me a couple days after the New Year. All my writings are on the laptop. I didn't get it back up and running until a few days ago- I do have a new motherboard, which is pretty cool. My neglected Muses disappeared during the time, but I'm working on getting them back up and running. All 10 of them.

Prompt 30: Rest
Fic: The Day After Midsummer
Rating: light PG
Minas Tirith, Lithe 3019 TA

The early morning light woke him, as it usually did. But unlike other days, where he usually got out of bed- or off the ground- right away, today he was content to lie where he was, eyes closed. Beside him, a body stirred, and a small smile came to his lips. Nevertheless he kept his eyes closed, afraid that if he opened them the being who laid beside him would not be there anymore.

However, said being lightly laid a hand on his shoulder, and spoke. "Good morning, my love."

The smile on his face split into a grin. "Good morning, my Queen."

She lightly laughed and leaned closer to him. "Anor has risen."

"I know," he replied, but did not open his eyes.

"But you still rest," she said. "I have not known you to be one to rise late."

He heard the unasked question in her voice, but hesitated to answer. Finally, he said, "I am afraid that if I open my eyes, you shall be a mere voice in my imagination, and that the space beside me is still cold and bare."

She said nothing in reply, but he heard her shift. Suddenly, she was over him, and her lips were upon his. "I am here, meleth nin. Open your eyes," she requested quietly.

He could not refuse her. Slowly he opened his eyes, and he stared into the beautiful grey eyes of the daughter of Elrond. His Queen. His wife. His Arwen. She was smiling at him, and he felt his heart melt just like the first time he saw her; just like it melted whenever she smiled at him like that.

He took her into his arms and embraced her. She gladly welcomed his actions, and the newly wedded couple were content to remain in bed and rest, just for a while longer.

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