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Tales of Life  by Aelaer

Prompt 69: Delegation
Ficlet: The Foreign Captain
Rating: G
Edoras, 2963 TA

Just as Gondor had done with the birth of Thengel King's fourth child, a small delegation, led by the Steward Ecthelion, came to offer their greetings and welcome to the king of Rohan's fifth child, a girl dubbed Théodwyn. Ecthelion did this not only out of neighborly duty but also in friendship; during Thengel's many years of service in Gondor the two had become close friends, and both were saddened that visits with one another were all too rare. Because of their friendship, however, as well as Thengel's marriage to Morwen of Lossarnach, the two countries were closer than they had been for decades.

Gathered with the delegation from Gondor for that night's feast was the king and his family, his councilors and their loved ones, and the highest ranking officers of the country with many of their own families. While many of the Rohirrim looked the same with their light hair and broad figures, there was one among them that looked unlike the others.

Ecthelion would have thought him a member of his own company if it were not for the fact that he wore armaments of the Rohirrim. He was tall and dark-haired and, oddly enough, bore a striking resemblance to his son Denethor. He certainly did not look like a man of Rohan.

After the meal, the steward drew the king aside and asked about the stranger. Thengel smiled at the inquiry.

"That is Thorongil, one of the captains of Gulfard's éored. He came out of the North a few years ago with the wizard Mithrandir and offered his service to Rohan. A remarkable young man, that one."

"The North, you say?" said Ecthelion as he looked upon the man. "I would think him a man of Gondor."

"As did I when I first saw him, though his Sindarin has a different sound than what I heard in Gondor."

"He speaks Sindarin?"

"Not only that, but he seems to speak Quenya fluently, as well. He certainly knows how to recite old ballads in the language well."

Interesting: a well-learned stranger from the North. Perhaps he would speak with him before he left Rohan.

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