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Testaments of the Past  by Dreamflower


Merry and Pippin watched the posthobbit trot off down the lane. The cousins sat down on the step of their cottage, and Merry glanced at the letter in Sam’s familiar handwriting. He put his thumb under the seal and opened the letter.

“Dear Mr. Merry and Mr.Pippin--

Rosie and I was going through some things in one of the mathom rooms, as we are thinking of turning it into a room for little Elanor, as Frodo-lad will be having a new little one to share the nursery with him, come summer.”

The two of them stopped and grinned at one another. Merry chuckled. “You know, they said the next lad would be named for me,” he smirked.

“Oh, I don’t know--’Merry’ wouldn’t be a bad name for a little lass as well--ow!” Pippin put a hand to the back of his head where Merry had swatted him.

“Bite your tongue!” Merry chuckled. He returned to reading the letter.

“Anyways, as we was going through the room, we come across a strongbox about the size of a small chest. It had the key stuck right there in the lock, and we opened it.

Now, I know that when Mr. Frodo went over all his papers with me, he said he wanted everything of his to come to me, but I don’t rightly think that what was in there should. These are things that rightly should only go to blood kin. So, I was hoping as you both could come to Bag End as soon as was convenient for you, to see what you want to take away with you, back to Buckland.

I truly think that this is important, and will be glad of you coming.

Here is hoping this has found you both well, and Rose sends her regards to you both, and to Estella as well. And Elanor says give her hugs and kisses to little Wyn and Perry-lad.

Yr. friend,

S. Gamgee.”

Pippin stared at Merry. Merry sighed. “Well, I had better see whether Estella wants to come with us; it can’t be tomorrow--I promised Da to go over the inventory of last winter’s stores.”

“And Beri and Ilbie and I are supposed to check the High Hay.”

“So, I guess it will be day after tomorrow, then. I’ll write Sam back by Quick Post.”



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