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Testaments of the Past  by Dreamflower


* Dreamflower's story "Silent Partners"

**Dreamflower's story "A Sticky Situation"


Boil together:

1 cup of white sugar

1 cup of brown sugar

˝ cup of vinegar

˝ cup of water

Cook until small amount dropped in cold water cracks between fingers.


1. Drogo’s and Primula’s wedding document – Brandy Hall

2. Drogo’s and Primula’s Will – Brandy Hall

3. Drogo’s letter to Bilbo that Primula is pregnant – Brandy Hall

4. Drogo’s letter to Bilbo announcing Frodo’s birth – Brandy Hall

5. The bundle of Merry’s letters to Frodo – Merry

6. The bundle of Pippin’s letters to Frodo – Pippin

7. Merry’s letter to Bilbo to take care of his Frodo – Pippin

8. Pippin’s letter to Bilbo about shutting the window to his room to keep the ants out – Merry

9. Uncle Dinny’s letter to Frodo and Pippin’s essay about his family – Pippin

10. Pippin’s letters to Frodo and Merry the summer after The Dare – Pippin 11. Letters from Freddy to Frodo – Freddy

12. Letters from Pippin’s sisters to Frodo – To the writers

13. Letters from Folco to Frodo – Folco’s parents

14. Letters from Frodo’s other cousins –To the writers

15. Letters from Saradoc and Esmeralda to Frodo –Saradoc and Esmeralda

16. Frodo’s adoption certificate/Bilbo’s renouncement of interest in Frodo’s inheritance – Sam

17. Bilbo’s Will – Ponto

18. The pouch Bell made for Frodo – Sam

19. Frodo’s wooden toy Drogo made for him – Pippin

20. Frodo’s wooden spinning top Drogo made for him – Pippin

21. Frodo’s wooden whistle Drogo made for him – Pippin

22. Yellow handkerchief from Bilbo – Merry

23. Pony jigsaw puzzle – Merry

24. Buckland Races swimming ribbon – Merry

25. The writing mushroom – Pippin

26. Infant dress, jacket, and bonnet – Sam and Rosie

27. Frodo’s blue playsuit and bib for a faunt– Perry

28. Baby blanket – Perry

29. Frodo’s first pipe – Gimli

30. Frodo’s toy sheep – Pippin

31. Cousin Calla’s sketchbooks – Brandy Hall

32. Frodo’s sketch of Sam – Sam

33. Letter from Menegilda to Bilbo re Drogo’s and Primula’s deaths – Brandy Hall

34. Letters from Frodo’s Baggins relations, including Aunt Dora - Ponto

35. Letter from Esmeralda to Bilbo – not coming to party because is pregnant – Esmeralda

36. 5Letter from Rory to Bilbo announcing Merry’s birth – Saradoc and Esmeralda

37. Letter from Frodo to Bilbo re Merry’s birth – Merry

38. Saradoc’s letter to Bilbo after Frodo ran away to Bag End -Saradoc

39. Bilbo’s letter to Frodo just before he left the Shire – Sam

40. Merry’s (and Pippin’s) letter begging Frodo to come to Brandy Hall after Bilbo left the Shire – Pippin

41. Frodo’s three Wills – Sam

42. Paladin’s Renouncement of interest in bequest to Pippin – Pippin

43. Ponto’s Renouncement of interest in Bag End when Frodo left – Sam

44. Bilbo’s five letters to Frodo after Bilbo left the Shire – Sam

45. Hobnail box that held things from Drogo and Primula – Sam

46. Drogo’s old mouth harp – Pippin

47. Primula’s hair comb given to her by Drogo upon Frodo’s birth – Elanor

48. Primula’s silver bracelet given to her by Drogo as a wedding present – Wyn

49. Drogo’s weskit button – Frodo-lad

50. Red velvet cloth – Rosie

51. The strongbox itself – Merry and Pippin; they use this to carry everything back to Brandy Hall and Crickhollow in.

52. Gondorian black wooden box – Destroyed

53. The Chain - Destroyed

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