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Three Things About Pippin  by Grey Wonderer

These are not my characters and this time, this is not even my idea! "sparx" posted a Challenge over on the Pippinhealers site:

*Write a story where, for reasons of your choosing, one character either bets or outright states that another character can't come up with even one good thing, let alone any kind of list of good things, about Pippin. Either one of those characters can be Pippin, or he can overhear the conversation, or one of the characters can be informing the other character that Pippin said this about him/her, or Pip can be unaware of it; that's also up to you, as is the tone of the story, the reason behind the bet or assertion, the terms, and what if any items go on the list.*

I liked the idea and so this is the story that I wrote based on "sparx"'s challenge.

I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for reading,

GW 02/18/2007


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