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The Great Blotmath Walnut War In The Year 1423  by Grey Wonderer

Pippin and Merry are caught in the middle of a war over walnuts; it was safer on the Quest!

Elements: Walnuts, naked Pervinca, a cow
Third anniversary: Tom Cotton and Marigold Gamgee’s wedding anniversary
Rating: I think that this is rated G in spite of the nakedness.
Disclaimer: Not mine, none of it, well, maybe the cow is mine. Yeah, that’s my cow.  Everything else is J.R.R. Tolkien's and I am borrowing it.  Thanks for reading.

Beta By: Marigold and Llinos

This was written for Challenge number 36 and so you might have read it before.  The elements listed above had to be included in the story and there had to be a third aniversary of some sort involved in all of this.  This is the story that turned up.  Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading,

GW  03/08/2007 


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